If it's time to move to distant lands or businessrequires a large number of imported components, contact the delivery service. For this, there are special transport companies, specializing in the organization of international cargo transportation. At your service delivery by trains, special cars, planes or ships - any whim for your money.

Organization of international transportation
Transportation companies that provide similar servicesservices, try to cover all possible territory to deliver parcels to any corner of the Earth in the shortest possible time, in charge of its safety. The parcel is delivered to the container and sealed in the presence of the customer. Only after that it is ready for departure.

The carrier takes on the customs clearancedocuments and concludes agreements with all possible intermediaries on the way of cargo for storage of parcels in their premises, protection and timely dispatch further along the route.

The organization of international transportation includes such services:

  • Export-import.
  • Trucking in Russia.
  • Delivery of modular cargoes.
  • Transportation of oversized or dangerous goods.

International cargo transportation

Organization of international cargo transportation
Each self-respecting firm for the delivery of parcels inany end of the world is trying to get membership in the Association of International Freight Forwarders and has its own vehicle fleet. The presence of own vehicles significantly reduces the cost of the carrier's services and allows you to proceed with the execution of orders as soon as they arrive.

Organization of international transport requirescompulsory insurance of parcels - this procedure allows you to be sure of the safety of containers when crossing the seas or airspace. In case of damage to property, the insurance covers the lost amount.

You can order this kind of services in officestransport companies, or by filling in the form on the carrier's website, where the phone numbers of the operators are indicated and all the requisites necessary for sending the parcels. Thus, the organization of international transportation becomes even more convenient for customers.

International cargo transportation
Companies provide all necessaryphones for independent control of the parcel route: the customer has the opportunity to call the employee of the company responsible for the delivery of the goods, and he will name the point where the container is at the moment and how long before his arrival to the destination.

The organization of international transport includesa special service for large industrial enterprises: when sending large containers by rail, there is delivery of the goods directly to the recipient's door (in the presence of railways leading to the client's storehouse).

Use only trusted companies withmany years of experience in the freight forwarding service industry. Perhaps, their tariffs are slightly higher (by the way, not always). But this will help to avoid disappointments and financial losses, which, in the end, will be more profitable!