Today we have to find out which "Gas-sign"employee feedback receives. Is this a conscientious employer? What advantages and disadvantages does he have? To understand all this in fact is not so difficult as it seems. Especially if you carefully examine the feedback of employees of "Gasznak". So what to look for first? Further all useful information for employees will be presented.


The first step is to understand what is involvedcorporation. "Gasznak" reviews employees receive as an organization that produces safety signs. For example, for railways or gas pipelines.

gazznak employee feedback

This company was opened in 2006. It is in great demand among companies. In particular, the clients of the company are Russian Railways and Lukoil. The organization works with large companies.

In connection with the constant development of "Gasznak" recruiting new employees. But is it worth it to find a job here? What are the pros and cons of looking at before making a final decision?

The services

"Gasnick TD" reviews employees receive botha company that provides some unusual services. As already mentioned, the main direction of the organization's work is the production of various signs. What other functions does Gasznak perform?

Among the services are:

  • development of signs;
  • design;
  • production of various index signs (road, gas, etc.);
  • production and sale of hazardous area markings;
  • equipment with photoluminescent evacuation systems.

Accordingly, there is the impression of serious intentions. Employees of "Gasznak" will have to perform not the simplest tasks, and a separate quality and responsibility will be required.

gazznak td staff feedback

Official employment

"Gasznak" reviews employees earnsvarious. Ambiguous views are formed about the activities of the company due to the fact that some subordinates say that there is no official employment in the corporation. It is noted that the labor contract is not with everyone.

In fact, more positive reviewsconquers "Gasznak" from the population. Most often, employees emphasize the availability of formal employment. Only this way it will work in the company. At first, for some time, it will be necessary to work without registration. More precisely, during the training period. And then "Gasznak" with all those who wish and successfully completed their studies concludes labor contracts in the established order.

Unofficial work in Gasznak is not welcome. Negative feedback is not confirmed. Therefore, it remains to be believed that "Gasznak" is really ready to work officially and legally for its subordinates.

gazznak employee reviews novosibirsk


The company "Gasznak" reviews employees receivesvarious. Positively the subordinates speak about their colleagues. It is noted that here it will be necessary to work in a friendly team, which will always be able to help and prompt. It is not so difficult for newcomers to get used to "Gaznazka" as it may seem. The collective is sympathetic and kind. Conflicts in the company are minimal.

There are also negative reviews about colleagues, butsuch a minimum. Workers are mostly satisfied with the work team. It is noted that "Gasznak" is a company in which it is possible to make new acquaintances. Working with the staff of the organization is very pleasant.

In general, "Gasznak" employee reviews very oftenreceives as a company in which a significant role is played by corporate ethics. For subordinates from time to time, a variety of "team building", which allow workers to approach each other.


"Gasnick TD" reviews of employees ambiguousreceives for the prospects of career and professional development. Some subordinates say that you can not think of any career and professional growth, working in the corporation under study. Allegedly, there is neither career growth nor professional development. A man has to work for many years without promotion.

But these are not the only opinions that get"Gas station". Employee feedback about the employer is often emphasized by the fact that career growth in the firm is not too fast, but the bosses meet halfway when it comes to professional and personal development of employees. They let go for trainings and seminars. Therefore, you can develop in the organization.

company gazznak employee reviews

About the authorities

"Gas station" employee feedback is not at its bestlight earns for his leadership. Often it can be seen that subordinates talk about the company's boss as an employer who deceives subordinates, treats them dishonestly, constantly loads and supervises work. And the discipline must be strictly observed - it is given special attention. Any wrongdoing entails fines and other penalties.

At the same time, it can be noted that "Gasznak"reviews get positive for their leaders. Many people say that you can always find a common language with your bosses. It's enough to treat your work conscientiously. People who show themselves as responsible employees can always agree with the leadership of "Gasznak". But the organization is really serious about discipline. Subordinates are required to follow established rules. Control over certain transactions also takes place. Some employees say that there is an impression of distrust of the leaders of "Gasznak" to their subordinates. These expressions are not negative, they simply warn applicants about the possible tight control over the actions of employees.

gazznak employee reviews about the employer


It is clear, what receives "Gasznak" reviewsemployees. Novosibirsk or any other city - it is not so important, about what area there is a speech. The main thing is that everywhere the organization manifests itself approximately equally.

Earnings in "Gas station" is one more moment,which receives ambiguous views of employees. Someone says that they pay little in the firm. There is a low salary and fixed fines. Some speak of a not too high salary, but the prospects for earning money in the organization take place. Also, all payments are received without delay and in full.

Most often, the employees emphasize that they have to work out their money in Gaznazak. People who are lazy, do not earn here normal money.


It is clear which "Gasznak" reviews about the employer andthe opinion of the staff receives. There is an ambiguous impression about the firm. In "Gas-sign" you have to work on the conscience and follow the established rules. Only then can you achieve success here. In general, the employer is not bad, but with its own characteristics.

gazznak reviews of the employer and the views of employees

Due to some claims, "Gasznak" falls intoblack list of employers in different regions of Russia. In fact, frightened and afraid of this is not worth it. "Gasznak" - a good, but demanding employer. Every applicant must remember this.