Threaded hairpin is a fastening element thatwidely used in construction, mechanical engineering, furniture and automotive industry, in repair work and other industries. This fastener is designed to build up various designs and join parts,

threaded hairpin
located at a great distance.

The stud is galvanizeda metal rod (rod), along the entire length of which is metathed by the rolling method. In view of the fact that the hairpin is often used in conditions of various temperature changes and high humidity, it is processed by zinc or made of stainless steel. A threaded rod without a cover (black) is operated in a more gentle environment, where an aggressive environment can not cause corrosion of the metal.

The dimensions of the studs and the construction are strictlystandardized. The material of manufacture, accuracy class, main dimensions, conditions of transportation and storage, as well as possible deviations from the regulatory rules are regulated by the standard DIN975. The size of the studs is determined by the total length and diameter. They are meter, two-meter and three-meter, the diameter varies from M3 to M42. Threaded stud is used with all fasteners of imported production. With its help the following tasks are solved:

threaded stud galvanized

  • fixing suspended ceilings, frames, cable boxes and other devices;
  • installation of heating and ventilation systems;
  • construction of frame houses;
  • connection of elements of wooden logs, boards and beams;
  • Formwork manufacturing while working with concrete;
  • installation of billboards;
  • adhesion of materials in finishing, roofing or repair work;
  • installation of ceilings, plasterboard partitions;
  • other general construction works.

The threaded stud is most oftenclogged with anchor fasteners, metric nuts and washers, connecting bushings and a perforated profile of different lengths. Sometimes it is used as a fixing or tightening element in the assembly of formwork or performs the role of suspension. Length

stud thread m8
threaded rod can be shortened bycutting to the required size. In addition, it can be used in the construction of foundation anchor bolts as a component - for mounting a metal sub-column to the base or body of a concrete foundation. In this case, after fixing the place of connection of the stud is poured with concrete. The connection in which the threaded stud is used has reliability, strength and durability.

The stud M8 is made ofCarbon steel grade of strength 4.8 or 8.8, has a hot-dip galvanized coating and a standard metric thread pitch - 1.25 mm. The weight of one meter rod is 310 grams, one two-meter rod is 620 grams. Packing of the stud M8x1000 consists of 50 pieces, and M8x2000 consists of 25 pieces. Both packages of two versions of the M8 threaded rod weigh 15.5 kg. This hairpin is widely used in the fields of engineering and construction together with nuts and washers M8.