Let's first figure out who this isthe advertiser and what is its purpose. The main priority in this area are customers and users who are strongly connected. After all, without an advertiser there are no jobs and orders for the user, and without users there will be no potential customers for customers.


The advertiser is primarily a participanta system that promotes its products and services, and also promotes websites with the help of an entire system. He also bears full responsibility for the content of resources and materials that are used for the advertising campaign.


Customers can be divided into groups independing on economic ownership, where the advertiser promotes its activities, and the scope: the types of advertising, goals, budget sizes and other parameters required for an integrated company. Below we will present the most common approaches to the distribution of customers. What are, you will find out from the list below:

advertiser is

  1. Commercial advertisers are customersadvertising, which pursue commercial goals, increase the demand for the sale of goods or services. Attracting attention and creating a positive attitude towards the advertised brand or organization. They are divided into categories according to economic ownership, where the customer carries out his activities.
  2. Political advertisers are employees frompolitical organizations, parties, movements, blocs, coalitions and other structures. They are customers of advertising campaigns, which are aimed at attracting attention and creating a positive attitude towards political tasks, initiatives, projects.
  3. Social advertisers are employeespublic or state organizations. They are direct customers of advertising, whose purpose is to try to change the behavior of people in different directions, which are desirable for the whole society, as well as attracting a civic stand to the idea, initiative, projects and actions of a social nature.

who is an advertiser

What are the functions of the advertiser?

  • The definition of goods that need advertising.
  • The designation, together with the agency, of the degree and features of the advertising of goods.
  • Create a plan for promotional products and events.
  • Budget processing for advertising.
  • Subscription with the agency contract for the design of promotional materials, their placement and conduct.
  • Provision of technical and actual data of products or services.
  • Consultations, approval of mock-ups, advertising materials.
  • Payments of accounts of the performer

And in the end I would like to give a little advice. Do not be afraid to try the form of earning as an advertiser. This is primarily insanely interesting, and the second he earns much more than the performers themselves.