The famous Stockmann network intends to close several of its stores in the capital and plans to completely withdraw the brand Lindex from the Russian market within a year. What kind Stockmann addresses in Moscow They will be preserved and which ones will disappear, it is too early to say. To guess the main reason for leaving is not difficult: the rapid decline and the subsequent instability of the Russian ruble.

addresses of Stokman in Moscow

Finnish traders

Coming to the Soviet Union was one of the first, still in thethe eighties, the Finnish company Stockmann quickly gained popularity in the Russian market. Despite the fact that the company has points in more than a dozen countries in the world, in Russia, most of the assets are located. The Finnish company during its existence has opened department stores in the largest cities of the country and Stockmann stores (Moscow), St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg) and a network of branded outlets for the sale of Seppala and Lindex.

Losses due to the crisis

As representatives of the Finnish company explained,The sharp fall in the ruble's exchange rate led to a significant decrease in the total profit for the reporting period. Starting in 2014, sales were down about 10% per year, which led to the company's loss for the current year in more than 60 million euros. The drop in sales was observed not only in Russia, but also in Finland, nevertheless the most pronounced losses are attributed to the Russian branches.

addresses of Stokman Moscow

The main profit of the company (and this is more than halfof all revenue) is accounted for by large department stores. As for branded stores, it should be noted that the demand for goods in the shops of "Lindex" at the beginning of the year grew in all countries, again with the exception of Russia and the Baltic States.

Having published the results of sales and annual reports,Stockmann launched an anti-crisis program, which, according to its results, was supposed to cut losses by at least 50 million euros per year. According to the plans, not only Russian retail facilities, but also some stores in Finland, have fallen under the reduction.

The reason for which the card began to disappear Stockmann addresses in Moscow, analysts see the following. First of all, the main Russian visitor to Finnish shopping centers belongs to the middle class. These people, in connection with the crisis, have fallen in purchasing power, and from expensive and moderately expensive pavilions consumers have rushed to cheaper discounters. As you know, in the crisis to set the goal of providing goods to the premium sector of buyers is not a winning strategy.

stores in Moscow

Current addresses of Stockmann in Moscow

One way or another, to get the company out of the difficultfinancial situation is not an easy task. Bringing anti-crisis measures into effect will take some time, and it is still possible to visit Finnish outlets in Moscow. Two shopping centers with stores Stockmann located on the Leningrad highway, it's Mega Khimki (23 kilometers) and Metropolis (in house 16a / 4). One - on Prospect Mira, house 211 - "Golden Babylon Rostokino." Moving along the MKAD, on the 41st kilometer you can visit the shopping center "Mega Teply Stan". And, finally, in the city of Kotelniki, at the 1-st Pokrovsky proezd, house 5, is the complex "Mega Belaya Dacha".

Addresses Stockmann (Moscow) in a short timeIt will be reduced from 5 to 2. It is well known that department stores are closed in all Mega shopping centers, but the timing of the closure is still unknown. The new owner of retail facilities will be the company "Reviva Holdings", represented on the Russian market by the network of department stores "Debruss".

When planning a trip to a shopping center, it is worthwhile to clarify the relevance of this or that Stockmann addresses in Moscow, as the departure of the Finnish company from the Russian market is already predetermined.