Process management is provided through the implementation of four conditions, closely interrelated. This is planning, organization, motivation and control.

process management
Thus, with the implementation of the planning function,tasks that define the objectives of the business entity and the procedure for its employees to achieve these goals. Planning as a function aimed at managing processes should cover three main aspects:

- Evaluation by the leaders of various partiesorganizations (strong and weak) in such areas as marketing, finance, production, labor and research. All activities should focus on the reality of achieving the organization's goals.

- When assessing the organization's capabilities and the threat in the form of competition, the solvency of clients, current legislation, economic conditions and political factors are examined.

- Adoption of a decision by the manager with a specific distribution of responsibilities between employees of the enterprise in order to achieve the set goals.

business process management

Managing processes, the managerseeks to identify the main areas of effort with a view to deciding whether to ensure the implementation of the goals of all members of this business entity. In other words, planning is one of the ways by which management provides a unified direction for the members of the organization in question.

When considering such a process functionmanagement, as an organization, it is necessary to clarify the following. To organize is to create some structure. At the same time, one can note the existence of a large number of elements that are to be structured for the optimal performance of the organization's tasks and to achieve its goal. Elements of the organization are considered to be work and people.

functions of the management process
Business process management is impossible withoutmotivation. In other words, even with well-designed plans and the most perfect organizational structure, all this loses its meaning in the absence of actual work. Therefore, the main task of motivation is the fulfillment by members of the organization of work, proceeding from the responsibilities delegated to them and in accordance with the approved plan.

And, of course, process management will beis not fully considered without an investigation of such a function as control exercised at the enterprise. Management plans to achieve the goal for a specific day, month or year. In order to avoid the occurrence of certain risks and unfavorable events, the head of the business entity must timely warn them and take appropriate measures. The causes of these risks can be such factors: the refusal of employees to carry out planned activities, changes in legislation or the emergence of a strong competitor on the market, which significantly hampers the implementation of the set goals.