Each of us knows what packaging is. But far from everyone understands that it serves not only to impart a presentation to the product and more comfortable transportation. Some types of packages are needed solely to protect the product from mechanical damage. Others - to give an attractive appearance, etc. Let's look at this issue and consider not only the main types, but also the functions of the packages.

types of packages

Requirements to be met

It should be noted that a piece of paper,wrapping, say, a service, it's not packaging. This is due to the fact that it has clear requirements. The main one is reliability. In fact, the packaging should retain its mechanical strength and stability for a certain time. In addition, a minor impact should not lead to damage to the product. Another important requirement is security. It is obtained by applying paint and varnish coatings. By the way, it should be remembered that the coating should not be toxic, as during the disposal it is unacceptable to damage the environment. Simply put, the packaging must be environmentally friendly. It also makes sense to talk about aesthetic properties. Any package, especially a gift, should not repel, moreover, it should attract attention. Thus, it is easy to conclude that there are different types of packages that are used in those or other cases. Now about this and talk.

Three types of packages

The immediate receptacle of the goods is primary,it is also an inner package. It is worth paying attention to the fact that it should be in any case. Its main goal is to protect the product from mechanical damage. For example, when buying a set of glasses you can see that they have a cardboard package with partitions. It is the partitions that protect the products from contact with each other, which creates the basic protection.

cardboard packaging
There is also an outer packaging. If you give the same glasses as an example, then this is a box that allows you to keep the overall integrity of the product. Sometimes it may not be, but if you buy something valuable, then it is definitely there. The last type is a shipping container. Its essence lies in the fact that it accommodates a number of already packed products. Say, 20 sets of glasses of 6 pieces each. As you can see, all kinds of packages are necessary and each fulfills its role.

Consumer packaging and shipping containers

The first group should include packages thatcreated for the ordinary consumer, that is for us with you. In most cases, it is on all household appliances and goods, in addition, it can be used for further storage of the product. In most cases, the types of packages (consumer) can be divided into several small subgroups: food, beverages, medicines and other pharmaceutical products, as well as for hygiene and cosmetics.

plastic box
Not everyone knows the concept of"transport packaging", which is also a kind of packaging. It is used either for large goods, or for a large number of products. It is almost always used only to transport products from one enterprise to another. The receiver usually does not see it, because when unloading it remains with the sender.

Public and military packaging

The first kind is most applicable in variousstate, as well as private institutions. These include schools, prisons, hospitals, etc. You can say that such packages are most suitable for storing and transporting food groups of goods. For the most part, providing large groups of people with products or medicines. For example, goods for humanitarian aid are placed in consumer packages.

packing of a product
It is not hard to guess that military packagingis necessary for the storage and transportation of products destined for the armed forces of the country. However, in this case, some requirements are neglected, for example, by an aesthetic appearance and environmental friendliness. At the same time, safety and possible storage time play a decisive role. In this case, the packaging of the product can be made of wood, plastic, etc. But now let's go further and look at a few more interesting details.

Gift packaging: requirements and features

Each of us once bought a gift. Agree, you always want to buy colorful, bright and attractive packaging, which will cause only the best emotions. So it should be, so you can say that this kind of packaging should attract attention. In most cases, you can use a special paint coating, which will make the wrapper more pleasant to look at. As for the material directly from which the gift wrapper is made, it can be different. In most cases, this is paper with the original logo or polyethylene, which is pre-painted. If it is a box, then it is made of cardboard, and on top of it is applied some drawing, or simply it is made out in different colors. Cardboard can be thick, designer, ordinary or coated. Important role played by bows, which can not be attributed to packaging. They are used to achieve the desired aesthetic goals.

gift wrapping

Vacuum packaging

In everyday life with such packageseach of us faces. Despite the fact that they are common everywhere, most often they can be found in the food industry. We all know that oxygen acts as an oxidizer of substances. To avoid the rapid development of bacteria and food spoilage, the latter are placed in a vacuum package. Of course, we can say that the main requirement is tightness. If the air still passes, then there is no benefit from such protection. But again - this is a one-time package, since for the creation of a vacuum a special apparatus is needed. The material is a special package or container. When a product is placed in it, air is pumped out from there. So it is stored for some time. After you open it, vacuum packaging can be recycled. It is also interesting that such an approach allows preserving a large number of nutrients.

vacuum packaging

About the protective function of packaging

The article already talked about protective functions. Through a special package, the monitor is protected against mechanical damage, chips - from getting wet air, processors - from electrical discharges, etc. Agree, no one has a desire to buy sugar, which was previously exposed to moisture, and it turned into a "brick". Let its properties basically remain the same, but the packaging did not fulfill its purpose. And this will repel the consumer. In addition, whether it is cardboard packaging or plastic, it should not be too easy to open. This is done so that the consumer who came to the store could not open it and try the product or replace it. It happens that people and the environment need to be protected from the product. For example, the sale of household chemicals provides a special container, and the cardboard packaging will not pass here. The same goes for other similar products.

soft packaging


So we looked at the topic that interests us. It is necessary to understand that plastic packaging, cardboard or polyethylene, must fulfill its functions. For some products, protection from mechanical damage is important, for others it is not desirable to get air, for others something else. For example, soft packaging is preferable for transportation and storage of electronics, for example, PC components, televisions, etc. In other cases, polyethylene or cardboard (as gifts for gifts, etc.) is used. Sometimes plastic packaging is necessary. For example, bleaching agents, electrolyte, acid and other liquids should only be in a sealed plastic container.