In Minsk, as in any other large city,there are many different tourist companies. Some specialize exclusively in bus tours, others offer trips around Belarus, but usually the list of services provided is quite universal. But the level of their provision is significantly different. Which travel agencies in Minsk from the extensive list should be chosen first?

Travel agencies in Minsk

Travel company "Rosting"

First of all, it is worth mentioning one of the leadersof the Belarusian market. This is the travel agency "Rosting" (Minsk). Its most popular destination is Bulgaria, which was noted by even the embassy of this country. Rosting has official diplomas and diplomas from Bulgarian ambassadors. However, this is a multi-disciplinary operator. On the Belarusian market, the company appeared in 1994 and for the time of its existence it developed to the level of nine offices in the capital and seven - in the regions. The regional branches are located in Bobruisk, Brest, Gomel, Slutsk, Soligorsk, Mogilev and Grodno. As a rule, in the summer, those who plan to travel to Bulgaria, Montenegro, Turkey, Croatia or Greece apply here. Customers are also offered Cyprus, Italy or Spain. In winter, "Rosting" offers therapeutic holidays in the Bulgarian mountains or trips to the islands of Southeast Asia: for example, Sri Lanka. Connoisseurs of Christmas fairs in Europe can go with the help of a tour operator on a tour of the Czech Republic, Austria and other countries. Also, the travel agency offers visa service, bus tickets and tours to ski resorts. A staff of hundreds of qualified employees is guaranteed to select the right route for any client.

Minsk Travel, travel agency

"Smolyanka" - travel agency (Minsk)

The previous company, "Rosting", established especiallywarm relations with Bulgaria. "Smolianka" began work with travel to Montenegro and Serbia and is still the most actively connected with these countries. The company appeared more than fifteen years ago and managed to establish itself among Belarusian tourists. Summer or winter vacation, conducted under the supervision of attentive guides "Smolyanka" is guaranteed to be filled with positive impressions. The company has offers for those who travel to get acquainted with the culture and history, love the traditions of other peoples, and for those who want to relax by the sea on warm sand. There are two branches in Minsk, one of which works only with the Montenegrin direction. In another, you can solve visa issues, book tours to Bulgaria or sightseeing trips around Europe.

Smolianka, travel agency, Minsk

Travel company "Travel"

Enumerating successful travel agencies in Minsk, amongFirst it is worth mentioning this one. Like the previous ones, it can boast an impressive period of work. "Minsk Travel" - travel agency, which appeared in 1993. It was one of the first companies to offer Belarusians bus tours to the CIS countries and Western Europe. LLC "Travel" always participates in various fairs, periodically receives awards and letters of republican scale. The company cooperates with other companies around the world and serves tourists from different countries. With its help there are bus excursions, air tours are carried out. In addition, the company accepts foreign tourists in Minsk and organizes trips around Belarus. The staff of twenty travel agents and ten guides guarantees maximum attention to each client of the company.

Travel agency Ростинг, Минск

Travel agency «Epiphora»

Perhaps, this is one of the companies with the widestrange of services. Epifor is a travel agency in Minsk, where every client will be happy. For lovers of beach recreation, employees will offer vacation in Turkey or Bulgaria, in Egypt or Cyprus, in Montenegro or in Croatia. Those who want to spend a vacation budget, organize a trip to the nearest CIS countries. Even if you only have weekends to rest, you will be offered a dozen options from Riga to St. Petersburg. In addition, tour operators cooperate with corporate clients and groups of schoolchildren on favorable terms. For foreigners the firm can offer visa support in Belarus, organization of excursions, hotel booking and transfers. The most important area of ​​work is Poland, which offers excursions, trips to the Baltic boarding houses and much more.

Epifora, travel agency, Minsk

Travel agency "Viapol"

Those who want to get to know Belarus better,It is worth paying attention to this organization. One of the oldest tourist companies in the country and the organizer of many educational tours is "Viapol" (Minsk). The travel agency has been working since 1992 and is highly rated, has a number of diplomas and awards for work in the field of educational tourism. Each client is not only impressed with the memory - "Viapol" gives its tourists branded souvenirs. In addition, during the excursions the company guarantees maximum comfort. The staff of "Viapol" is not just enthusiastic travelers, but also skilled craftsmen who have publications in thematic publications. The staff of the team includes the best guide of the country Anatoly Varavva, the author of the book about Belarus.

Viapol, Minsk - travel agency

Travel agency "Blue bird"

The top ten include, as a rule, the oldestcompany of the country. This is the "Blue Bird" - a travel agency in Minsk, which has long established itself both in Belarus and abroad. She cooperates with agencies around the world and provides full customer service during the rest until his return home. The romantic name reminds of a magical bird from Maeterlinck's tale that helps to fulfill a dream. A distinctive feature of the company are long bus tours around the cities of Western Europe. It is almost impossible to see Poland, Germany, France and Spain or Italy for one vacation. But with the "Blue Bird" it easily becomes a reality, and throughout the trip the client is guaranteed comfort in both an expensive tourist bus and in a proven hotel of excellent quality.

Blue bird, travel agency, Minsk

Tourist company "Ecotour-6"

Listing the travel agencies in Minsk, it is worth mentioning this one. "Ecotour-6" has been working in the capital for more than twenty years. Since 1991, she has been organizing tours to Europe. The first direction of work was Poland, soon there were trips to France and Italy. Since 1996 the company also organizes trips to the Czech Republic. Journey to Prague and Karlovy Vary is very popular all the time of the existence of "Ecotour-6". For tourists who have only two days off for the trip, there are trips to Vilnius. The company works both with groups, and with individual tourists and foreign citizens. For them there is a wide choice of vouchers in the sanatorium and excursions around the country. The company's website about Belarus received an Internet award at one of the capital's exhibitions, and the page of the company itself is among the 15 most visited.

Travel agency "EcologyTour"

Talking about travel agencies in Minsk, you need to name and"EcologyTour", because it exists since 1993 and has long been known throughout the country. Her main work is excursions to Europe by bus, ski and sea holidays, as well as programs for children and youth. The number of countries with which the company's operators operate includes the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Montenegro, Switzerland and Croatia. Those wishing to go on vacation at sea are offered air travel to Turkey or Egypt, to the Canary Islands or Cuba. Even more exotic offers are associated with the Maldives and the Seychelles. Even if such a trip does not seem tempting, the operator will pick up a trip to any country that the client will only call. The firm can also apply for organizing weekend tours or business trips abroad.

Travel agency «AlatanTour»

Complete the list of the best companies in Minskworth this. "AlatanTour" exists since 1993, and at the moment it is one of the largest companies in the country. In the capital, it has five offices, and in the regions there are ten branches. The company treats all its customers with great attention and is constantly working to expand the geography of directions available for tourism. Tour operators can organize both group trips and personal trips of any class and cost. The company cooperates with the international association of air carriers, which allows it to book and sell the best tickets. Another direction of her work is the escort of foreigners in Belarus for business or tourist trips. High professionalism distinguishes "AlatanTour" in all aspects of the work of this Belarusian company, therefore, for the rest entrusted to it, one should not be afraid.