The owner of an online store needs to think throughevery nuance of his work. Many inexperienced and novice entrepreneurs make an emphasis on the selection of the assortment, devote much time to the site, achieving excellent usability, but they miss the key moments of the service, forgetting that fast delivery for online store - a serious component of success.

It would seem that it means for the buyer the speedreceipt of paid goods? What's the difference, bring him a purchase within a day or a week? Why purposefully develop this side of the service? Studying customer feedback, you can understand what points in the work of online stores are most valuable to users. Far from the last place is the speed of delivery and the attendant conditions: preliminary call, the possibility of testing and fitting, convenient payment options for the goods. Choosing a partner company for the organization of supplies, and this is a more expedient way in comparison with the creation of its own courier service, it is necessary to pay attention to these aspects of its work.

Competent construction of the service: what end-customers appreciate

How frequent mourning from the ownersonline stores about the refusal of already issued orders. And the most common reason for this is the delay in delivery. This is justified, customers do not like to wait, they are annoyed, they want to receive the goods in the shortest possible time. Especially this moment is problematic for the inhabitants of the regions, they sometimes have to wait for several weeks.

Also negatively affects the purchasinginterest in the minimum offer for payment options. For example, "Russian Post", the largest supplier of delivery services, is limited in capabilities, it only works with cash on delivery. This introduces inconveniences for both parties, the seller is not protected from non-purchase, the recipient does not get a chance for a convenient form of calculation and is forced to adjust. Yes, and the return of goods to the online store - quite expensive and lasting pleasure in the case of this enterprise.

All these inconveniences are absent in the organization of work of courier company TopDelivery. Here, both address delivery and receipt of the order are possible at points of self-delivery хттп: // /, of which there are more than 50 located in44 cities. There is a choice of a convenient issuance warehouse, in case the point is not one, the payment is accompanied by the receipt of a check, it is possible to check the contents of the parcel and much more.

Choosing who to cooperate with in order to deliver goods to your customers, give preference to companies that are able to realize maximum convenience for the recipient.