Many plants are dioecious, they form female andmale flowers. Both are necessary for the continuation of the family, so conceived by nature. That's why cucumbers blossom in a void - so men's flowers are called. The person who grows these vegetables is interested in fruits. And they can be obtained only with the mass education of female flowers.

hollow on cucumber
Beginners vegetable growers and gardeners are often askedthe question of how to define a void. It is not difficult to do this. Under it there is not a small cucumber, and under the female flowers first a green one is formed and only then a flower.

There are several techniques that allowsignificantly reduce the emptiness on cucumbers. The foregoing will apply only to varieties in whose hybrid forms the primary formation of female flowers is genetically laid.

Pre-sowing warming of seeds considerably reduces the emptiness on cucumbers. Approximately two months prior to disembarkation, they should be placed in a cotton bag, suspended in a place with a temperature above 35aboutC, but below 40aboutC, for example on a central heating battery or near a stove. This procedure also increases the germination of seeds.

Formation is timely and competent, in whichthe point of growth of the main stem is plucked after the 4th leaf, it also reduces the emptiness on the cucumbers. The resulting side shoots will be predominantly with female flowers.

why cucumbers blossom in a void
If cucumbers are grown on trellises, then forbetter illumination of leaves by sunlight and for the prevention of fungal diseases, all the rudiments of branches and flowers should be removed to a height of 45 cm. In the axils of the next 5 leaves, the stepson should be pinched over the second so that not more than 2 ovaries remain. After such a procedure, all shoots begin to branch evenly.

Pustaceous on cucumbers can be formed and as a result of frequent and abundant watering during budding. At this time, it is necessary to slightly reduce the amount of water and increase it closer to mass flowering.

You can resort to ringing the stems, this toowill reduce the emptiness on cucumbers. Using a sharp disinfected knife (the tool should be held over fire or treated with alcohol), it is necessary to make a shallow incision around the stem slightly below the two upper leaves. This procedure can be carried out only in dry weather.

how to define a hollow
In addition to the described methods, you can usespecial preparations. As a rule, these are growth hormones intended to reduce the emptiness on cucumbers and to increase the formation of female flowers. At present, it is not difficult to acquire the necessary chemicals, they are available in almost all garden centers (shops). When deciding on their use, it is necessary to follow exactly the dosage specified in the instruction, otherwise the subsequent effect will be difficult to foresee.

Performing the methods described above, but violatingagrotechnics of cultivation of cucumbers, excellent crop to not achieve. And after all leaving or care is absolutely uncomplicated. Soil cucumbers need nutritious, watering only with warm water, fertilizing with complex fertilizers regular, loosening of surface, removal of weeds by the method of cutting at the soil level.

Cucumber - the culture is useful. It is impossible to imagine the summer season without this fragrant crispy vegetable, and the winter season - without marinated or salted. Therefore, it should be planted and, using the information obtained, cultivated competently.