Today, when it comes to conducting a successfuladvertising company of any company, the first thing that comes to mind is the order of high-quality printing products. Modern companies of each business segment use the services of advertising printing, because any of its products reflects the corporate spirit of organization and style.

The main types of "tools"

Polygraphic advertising mainly includes a certain list of publications:

  • Prospectus - a printed edition of a small size, the main feature of which are several pages and a large number of images;
  • leaflet - advertising in the form of a sheet without folds, not suggesting large monetary investments. It is available both in black and white, and in color;
  • catalog - type of publication, reflecting the main characteristics of the enterprise's products;
  • A booklet is a form having several folds. It can be of any size, however in the expanded version it is no more than a typographical sheet;
  • Broadsayt is a compact edition format intended for sending by mail. An envelope is not needed for it, since it is doubled;
  • flyer - a kind of ticket-invitation, which offers a free visit to a certain event.

Promotional packaging

Agree that properly selected packaging can facilitate the promotion of any product. That is why advertising polygraphy is engaged in production of labels and colorful packages. Any package of paper helps to isolate the product from the bulk and make it more recognizable.

The main factors that prompt buyers to purchase goods are original design, quality of offset printing and finishing of packaging.

Today, polygraphy offers the following types of promotional packaging:

  • self-adhesive labels and thermo-labels;
  • packing with logo;
  • gift boxes and packages.

Advantages of polygraph advertising before other methods of goods promotion

These include:

  • soft impact on the target audience, because people themselves choose the time to get acquainted with the advertising publication;
  • opportunity to submit an offer from one company. Here, competition between several organizations is excluded;
  • speed production of the advertising product. The mock-up is created by the masters very quickly, and therefore after a few days the edition is issued to the customer in the finished form.