Car washes (Belgorod) are an integralcomponent of the infrastructure of a large city. Nowadays, people appreciate free time and take every opportunity to ease their lives with the help of modern services. Car washes belong to this category of companies.

Addresses and mode of operation

The city has a large number of car washes. They are located in different parts of Belgorod and provide a number of additional services:

  • "Miami" (daily and round the clock on Serafimovich Street, 76a);
  • "Dry cleaning of the car" (every day from 9.00 to 21.00 on the street Shchorsa, 43a);
  • "Positive" (daily from 8.00 to 23.00 on the street Wesel, 156a);
  • "Nika" (round the clock on the avenue B. Khmelnitsky, 10);
  • "Max 24" (round the clock, street Severo-Donetskaya, 1);
  • "Ava" (every day 8.00-20.00, street Gubkina, 5а);
  • "Avtodush" (every day 8.00-20.00 in Sumskaya street, 50a);
  • "Car Wash" (daily 8.30-22.00 on Makarenko Street, 25zh);
  • "Arsenal" (round the clock, Mikhailovskoe highway, 146);
  • "Foam" (daily 9.00-21.00, street Lermontov, 49а).

car wash (Belgorod)

This is not the entire list of institutions that performwork on car washing. Often, large and small services are based on car wash (Belgorod). There are services for cleaning parts. Also, many companies provide the opportunity to perform tire-fitting activities for experienced professionals.

Self-service car wash (Belgorod)

This kind of services came to us from Western countries. Every year self-service car washes are gaining popularity. There are special platforms for drivers with the necessary equipment.

The customer can choose the washing mode independently and use additional services for cleaning the salon. Such car washes (Belgorod) give drivers the opportunity to choose:

  • washing machine under cold or hot water with high or low pressure;
  • using a shampoo;
  • waxing;
  • removal of stains.

These services here will be much cheaper thanautomatic washers. Also, the driver will clean his car. In Belgorod, such a car wash is located on the street. Volchanskaya, 300. She works around the clock. Even a novice driver will be able to deal with the equipment.

self-service car wash Belgorod

Also in this category is "Moechka", which is located on the street. Sumskaya, 641. Here you can wash the car yourself with modern equipment and chemicals.

Car Wash "Bubbles"

On Civic Avenue, 18 there is a complex,which provides car washing services. Car Wash "Bubbles" (Belgorod) cares about the comfort of customers and the quality of work. There are 6 units for car washing and a room for driver's rest. In a small cafe, customers can have coffee and a snack. The room has free WI-FI.

car wash Bubbles Belgorod

The company offers its customers a number of basic and additional services:

  • complex washing;
  • processing of rubber bands on doors with silicone;
  • waxing;
  • cleaning in the salon and trunk;
  • polishing;
  • cleaning of glasses;
  • dry cleaning of seats.

To avoid waiting in the queue, drivers canTo reserve a box under the sink by phone, indicated on the official site of the institution. The equipment in the institution is of a good class and does not leave any damage on the machine during washing.

Belgorod: car washes (reviews)

On various Internet resources can be foundambiguous reviews about the work of car washes. So, many negative reviews can be read about "Eurasia". Drivers are mostly dissatisfied with the quality of the services and the work of the administrator.

Car washes (Belgorod) are sufficientdemand among drivers, but the requirements for them are too high due to the great competition. About "Miami" in general, there are positive reviews. Customers are satisfied with the service and prices. Some people have minor comments, which are quickly reacted by the administrator.

Car washes "Shine" and "Bubbles" have proven themselvesas quality performers. Staff cares about the cleanliness of every centimeter of the car. Also, customers note comfortable cafes near the institution, where you can have a snack and drink coffee. At this time, the monitor shows the process of washing the car to remove the issue of theft.

Belgorod car wash reviews

To self-service car wash the main claimis the presence of queues. This can be explained by the small number of such services in the city and their growing popularity. Also, drivers are attracted by very democratic prices for services.

Car wash in most cases work around the clock. Such a schedule suits many drivers, they are positive about this in their reviews.