Many products have their own packaging. Their presence allows you to safely transport and store the goods. Packaging for quail eggs should be multifunctional, because only then it will protect the product from damage. Modern manufacturers use for manufacturing polystyrene, plastic and paper. More details about all the types are given in the article.

Keeping of quail eggs

Store products better in the refrigerator, becausethen she has a shelf life of much longer. To do this, it is better to use special stands, but you can leave eggs in the packages in which they were sold. It is advisable to place them away from fresh meat, fish, as well as from products with a pronounced odor.

packing for quail eggs

If you store eggs at room temperature, thenit is better to leave them in the store. Wash them better before use, but immediately after buying do not. Shelf life in the refrigerator can reach 60 days, and at room temperature - up to 30 days. For storage, you can use cardboard and plastic containers, which will be discussed in the article.

Cardboard Cells

Cardboard packaging for quail eggs is consideredtraditional. Careful transportation of the goods is ensured with it. In addition, it can be used for advertising. Such a product is safe for health. It is produced by the method of paper casting. Compared to plastic, there is no fogging effect when the air temperature changes.

packing for quail eggs

Eggs will be stored in such a package longer. The capacity of the container can be different. The color of cardboard is different, but usually use gray. For the box, you can create a self-adhesive label. The product from recycled paper is soft and at the same time rigid, serves as a replacement for foam plastic and plastic, does not include impurities.

Advantages of cardboard products

Cardboard packages for quail eggs have the following advantages:

  • low cost;
  • a thick layer of cardboard is a reliable protection;
  • better insulating properties than plastic;
  • a graphic image is applied;
  • simple recycling, used for recycling.

Packing for quail eggs from the manufacturer can be in different versions, colors. Products are different and the number of cells.

Plastic cells

Used plastic packaging for quail eggs. Compared to other boxes, the product has the following advantages:

  • the transparency of the container allows you to see the contents;
  • protection from light mechanical influences;
  • convenience of storage, transportation, use;
  • air supply to the product is available;
  • plastic packaging does not spoil from moisture or a broken egg;
  • A reliable lock design protects against accidental opening of the package.

Which product is better?

What is the best packaging for quail eggs - plastic or cardboard? To understand this, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances:

  1. Cardboard is formed from recyclables, it is processedon special equipment. The soaked paper base is formed and dried in the form of a honeycomb structure with or without lids. Corrugated cardboard is used to pack products that are better placed in boxes with cells. Such products are chosen because of environmental friendliness, recyclability, long shelf life and bright appearance. Transportation of products is also safe, because there are no gaps.
  2. Plastic is cheaper, better exposedmolding. The product will be lighter in weight, has an aesthetic appearance and perfectly matches with a sticking marking. In the manufacture of vacuum equipment is used, which can work with polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride. The production process is simplified, since it is not necessary to perform soaking, settling and cleaning, as is required with waste paper. With the help of thermoforming devices containers for eggs and other products are created.

packing for quail eggs with own hands

What is better? In both packages, the product is protected from damage. But if the egg is broken in a plastic product, it spreads and withers. In a paper container, the product is absorbed and serves as a favorable medium for the propagation of microorganisms.


You can make a package for quail eggsown hands. This will require tight cardboard, for example, from the box, as well as scissors, scotch tape. From paper, you need to create a box with a lid, gluing the seams with the help of an adhesive tape. To make eggs inside do not break, you need to create cells using cardboard strips. In such a container, the products will be protected from mechanical influences.

From the manufacturer

Packages for quail eggs in Moscow orderin different companies. Usually, products are needed to transport products to stores and supermarkets. Manufacture is carried out on the basis of the wishes of customers. Products may differ in color, size, shape, and materials.

packing for quail eggs

Since quail eggs are considered to be specifica product that needs a special container, you should purchase a special package for it. With its help, the correct transportation and storage is ensured. Packaging preserves the freshness, appearance of the product.