Social workers are professionals,providing assistance and support to some weakly protected or completely unprotected layers of the population. These categories may include such citizens: pensioners, single old people, disabled, refugees, children from disadvantaged families, orphaned children or refuseniks. In other words, that part of the population that is experiencing certain difficulties with employment, as well as people who have received occupational injuries. Social workers are people whose activities are aimed at improving the material and living conditions of the citizens entrusted to them with the provision of their social and legal protection.

social workers are

The main functional duties of the social worker:

- Tracking and identifying individuals who need their help, as well as their supervision and counseling;

- Carrying out of receptions, consultations and conversations;

- the implementation of regular visits to the location of the ward, monitoring his life and the living conditions in which he is;

- determination of the nature and extent of one's own intervention in the event of problematic issues;

- coordinating and supervising the activities of certain social structures (for example, appealing to law enforcement agencies or medical institutions);

- purchase of medicines, food and consumer goods;

- rendering the simplest medical aid.

job social worker
In committees of social protection, social centerscare, nursing homes, veterans' councils and other similar institutions, such specialists directly carry out important work. A social worker can be listed in the staff of the above-mentioned organizations or work on a voluntary basis. Such organizations may include psychological care services and branches of the pension fund.

Social workers are people who have certain professional skills, which can be classified as:

- knowledge of legal bases, regulations and acts that regulate some social relations;

- knowledge of a certain complex of such sciences as medicine, psychology, economics and sociology;

- Ability to assist in matters relating to employment and career guidance;

- Skills in record keeping.

profession social worker
Social workers are specialists, placewhose work and occupation directly depend on their education. For example, persons dealing with issues of jurisprudence should have a diploma of legal qualifications, and consultants on the helpline have the diploma of a psychologist. When caring for the sick and lonely, workers should have a medical education.

The profession "social worker" is marked by the corresponding decree of the President of the Russian Federation, according to which June 8 is their professional day.

It should be noted that today the need forsocial workers has increased significantly. This fact is confirmed by the appearance in educational institutions of such specialties as a social psychologist and a social pedagogue.