The proverb has long been known: "As you call a boat, so it will float." It is fully applicable to business. After all, the first thing that a potential customer faces, the customer or the buyer, is the name of the firm. Examples of when the trademark and the present name of the enterprise differ, one can also often meet, but the general trend in this direction is that they be one and stand out as much as possible among the competitors.

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Earlier - and you can see for yourself in this -creating an LLC or CJSC, businessmen are not particularly "bother" with what will be indicated in the registration data. Therefore, there were such incidents as "Damn", "Vladimirsky Tsentral" (a network of cafes), "Psaraki", banks "Unique" and "Padun". Not to mention the associations that cause such combinations of letters, they are just cacophonous. Now the original name of the company (examples we will give below) may not only be patented (hence, it will become an object of copyright and related rights), but will also be the face of the enterprise in the form of a domain name, on business cards, in Russian and foreign catalogs.

good company names examples

In addition, recently in the namingthe so-called branch of creative marketing and advertising that deals with the "invention" of products, brands, companies) is tightening requirements. For example, when you come up with a name for an enterprise, you need to find out whether the corresponding domains are free, most often in several zones (at least .ru and .com). This will help in the future to avoid unnecessary disputes, demands to change or to transfer to someone the object of your intellectual property. "Adidas", "Ikea", "Rambler", "Yandex" - both in the Latin and in the Cyrillic record were unique, sonorous, not causing unpleasant associations of words. They are easy to pronounce and remember. They are quite easy to dictate.

There is one more important point that is necessarytake into account when inventing the name of the company. Examples of ridiculous and ridiculously sounding Russian brands (Suki - lingerie salon or Ebano - cafe) clearly emphasize that if an enterprise wants to enter the international arena, it is necessary to analyze how the name of the company will be perceived in other languages. For this, the naming and branding agencies use the services of translators. In addition, often there are original creative tenders that help to choose successful company names. Examples of such solutions can be seen already in the network. In recent years, several sites have appeared, where competitions are announced for the best name of the enterprise. Users train in creativity and ingenuity, and the options that the customer likes are rewarded with cash.

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Phonetic, or rather, phonosemantic analysis,as well as other achievements of psycholinguistics are used increasingly. On their basis, specific instructions (or recommendations) are drawn up, how to come up with the name of the firm. Examples of these principles: do not use unpleasant, "hard" sounds, as well as whistling and hissing (w, x, x), prefer open vowels. This is due to the fact that all the phonemes are perceived by the person on an estimated basis - on the scales "good-bad", "hot-cold". From the sound point of view, the successful company name (examples: Kodak, Nike, "Tonar", "Lukoil", "Siberia") is short, consists of 2-3 syllables. Not every abbreviation is suitable for the company name. Too complex name of the company (examples: "Remstroysnabsbyt", "Tehkhimnadzor", "Santehuyut") will be difficult to translate or transliterate, it will not immediately be possible to select a domain. So, the name of the company is an important component of success, although not the only one.