Computer presentation is a very convenient wayIt is succinct, but colorful, to convey to the interlocutors the most important ideas. The combination of text, graphics, diagrams, pictures, sound accompaniment helps the speaker to quickly and accurately convey the necessary information to the target audience. Unfortunately, not all specialists understand that the design of the presentation must obey certain rules: otherwise it will be a meaningless set of slides. A good example of the design of the presentation can be found on training websites, in manuals or peep at more experienced colleagues. In addition, there is a special educational literature (the same textbook on computer science for the school), through which you can learn to successfully carry out this creative work. Below are the basic rules for the presentation. They will help to make up a script, to withstand the structure, to organize the correct submission of information.

presentation design

Registration of the presentation. Requirement for submission of material

Start work with understanding taskspresentation, the conditions of its display and the target audience for which it is intended. There are presentations for public demonstrations, mailing and for a personal meeting. Each of them is not like the other. The order of the slides should be logical and fully correspond to the topic of the presentation. Correct design of the presentation is the most important component of its success. Slides must follow in this order:

  1. Title.
  2. A slide containing a presentation plan.
  3. The main content, if necessary divided into parts (chapters).
  4. Conclusions or conclusion.
  5. A page with a signature and thanks to the listeners.

General requirements for presentation design

rules for presentation

  1. Use a simple and concise design. Keep all the slides in one style, best of all - the style of the company. Equalize similar slides (for example, headings, text, subsections, etc.).
  2. Remember: the design of the presentation requires that each slide has its own title and number, but the date is set only on the very first, or on the very last frame. If two slides are named the same, then on each subsequent slide there should be the word "continuation". For example: the features of the soil. Continuation 1.
  3. Do not choose too bright or too pale colors. The main thing is not subjective beauty, but lucidity of presentation and readability.
    example of presentation design
  4. Do not write a lot of text on the slides, post only theses there: they accompany the speech briefly.
  5. Make up very short headlines and do not put a period after them: this is a general requirement.
  6. Strictly observe all the rules of spelling.

Tips for design

If you do not know how to create a presentation,you lack artistic ability, or you write with errors, seek help from people who do not have these shortcomings. Remember: the presentation is the face of your company and yours. The presentation creates the first impression, it also carries a great semantic load, helping you to deliver competent and necessary information to the gathered target audience.