What is this article about: on how to prepare a presentation of your shop, cafe, restaurant for the landlord, so that he decided to turn over the sales area to you.

Than it is useful: the article tells why the shopping center is being denied; there is an overview of what needs to be included in the presentation of the store for the landlord, and also how to do the presentation is not necessary.

On the site of each mall there is usuallysection "Tenants". In this section, you can fill out an application for the area you are interested in. However, the request can be made both by phone and by e-mail.

After the application is considered, you will be asked to send a presentation of your company in electronic form.

It is about preparing such a presentation for the landlord and we'll talk now.

On presentation they meet, on presentation they see off

At one point of sale in a good shopping and entertainment center, several companies claim at once.

For cafes wishing to get into the restaurant courtyard of the shopping center sometimes even arrange tenders.

Potential tenants are compared by presentations including. Convince that you need to choose you - this is the solution and will be. Do not convince - someone else will convince.

Presentation for the landlord: what should be in it

Presentation for the landlord - this is a small story in the slides about your business, which you will carry out in the shopping center. The key word is "small".

The shopping center wants to know quickly in a minute what you do, why you will be visited by customers, whether your presence will damage the image of the center itself.

None of the landlords do not want to read the history of the creation of your company, nobody wants to know your scheme of managing employees, no one is interested in long texts.

In the presentation, everything should be short, capacious and on the case.

  1. What do you do.
  2. What problem does your product solve?
  3. What is different from competitors.
  4. Why do you need a sales area in this mall.
  5. How it will look, what wishes for technical equipment.
  6. Why visitors will come to you.
  7. What are you useful for the SEC and why should you listen.

Already having answers to these questions will perfectly rebuild you from competitive presentations. Further - as presentations for landlords do not need.

What presentations are not needed by landlords?

Shopping centers want to see in tenants franchisees, network companies, already promoted brands. All because they are guaranteed not to damage the image of the SEC.

Small companies, companies that just enter the market, need to prove that their location in the mall is a huge plus for visitors and for the shopping center itself.

It is because the presentation of the store for the landlord does not close this goal, there are refusals.

"Kolkhoz" presentation clearly does not fit into theimage of a successful company. If you do not care about advertising presentation materials, most likely you can not pay attention to both the signboard and the design of the sales area. Of course, this does not fit into the plans of the shopping center.

What should be taken into account when preparing a presentation for the landlord?

The best presentation format is pdf. Optimize it to a size of not more than 2 mb, and that the pictures were clear, beautiful and juicy.

If something can be shown - show.

Do you have perfume products? Show in the presentation also how the packaging looks.
Are you going to sell dolls? Show what they are wonderful!
Need an area of ​​20 square meters? Make a slide with 3-d visualization, which area is needed.

The second time the shopping center will not listen.

A literate presentation has more chances to induce the landlord to choose you.

Unfortunately, in Russia we give little attention to presentations and consider them not as important materials.

But it is she who can rebuild you so powerfully from competitors that the landlord will say "yes" to you.

And it is the presentation that can "overwhelm" all the preparations for the storm of the desired shopping center, if it is made naive, confused and indistinct.

If there are such concerns, do not make a presentation for landlords themselves. Address to professionals. The cost of developing a presentation will pay off after hitting it in the shopping center.

The author - Pavel Igushkin, Studio Snezi