cucumber bloomer what to do

Very often gardeners ask: "Why are there many cucumbers on cucumbers?" Why do plants constantly blossom only with empty flowers? And who will use these vapors? "

Of course, in a colossal lagformation of female flowers and late fruiting, a significant role is played by the quality of seeds. If you do not listen to the numerous recommendations and plant fresh seeds, then they will grow plants. But which ones? First, male flowers (vugs) are formed, and only then will women appear. A very different picture can be obtained if seeds are sown two or three years ago. In this case, female flowers will be formed simultaneously with the male flowers.

Nobody likes to grow a cucumber violet. What to do with this phenomenon? First we will find out what to do if the seeds are fresh, and the period of their prescription is unknown. It is quite easy to clarify the situation. Seeds need to be warmed up. Plants grown from such seeds will give a female color much earlier than the due date. Hurry the appearance of these flowers will also help tempering the seeds with variable or negative temperatures before sowing.

 why on the cucumbers is the hollow
And why on the cucumbers is a vagina appears? The second cause of cucumber "infertility" is the violation of a balanced diet. Very often this is facilitated by the presence of a large number of nitrogen fertilizers in the soil. It is this nuance that causes the rabid growth of the weaves, empties and leaves. In this case, the plants are fertilized with a useful fertilizing. As a rule, these are high-speed phosphoric fertilizers, for example, extraction of superphosphate or infusion of ordinary wood ash. The extract of superphosphate is prepared from ten liters of hot water and two tablespoons of top dressing.

Oh, these cucumbers are empty! What if they appeared? Find the reasons - that's what you need to do! After all, the third reason for the late appearance of female color is watering plants with stale water. Not below 25 degrees should be its temperature. You can not water cucumbers with water that is colder than the soil.

The next reason for the appearance ofexcess of moisture in the ground. Cucumber beds should not be watered for several days. The earth will dry up, and leaves on plants will wither. And then immediately there will be an abundance of female flowers. But you need to remember - you can not overdry the soil either.

 why the cucumber is a lot of empty
If there were cucumbers vapors, what to do -not everyone knows. But here is another reason for the occurrence of such a phenomenon. Serious influence on the appearance of the void has a hot air, strong compactness of plants in the greenhouse and so on.

If all of the above recommendations do not help,then you need to prick the top of the main stem of plants. It will stop the growth of plants in length, and cucumber lateral shoots and female flowers will begin to develop intensively.

But what if the cucumber flowers are empty? What to do with them? Some gardeners remove most of the blossoms. They mistakenly hope that this will accelerate the development of female color. Gardeners will not benefit from their removal. They will only worsen the conditions of pollination of the inflorescence. In fact, the cucumber vapors themselves quickly turn yellow and disappear.