Many users, getting their own site, are interested in ways to get profit with it. So, how to make money on your website?

Among all the ways of earning on the web, the mostEffective is the monetization of your own project. It is not necessary to have any professional skills and experience. However, mastering the methods of working with common CMS - content management systems of the site, it is necessary. It is also strongly recommended to treat the process with patience and diligence. Especially it concerns the initial stages.

Creating a site for monetization

Before you get the first money, youyou need an internet site. Of course, you can contact the professionals and order the production of the website, but you can do without their services. And in most cases, the beginning of a webmaster's career is fraught with financial difficulties, so you probably will have to manage on your own.

Even if you have never encountereddevelopment of web projects, you can use some popular CMS-engine, for example WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Typically, such systems do not even require knowledge of HTML. After spending several hours and understanding the principle of the chosen system, you can create your first website.

Website promotion

So, you have a platform. One trouble, you know about it while only you. Do not expect make money on the site with zero attendance. Therefore, it's time to do it. This process is not fast and responsible, but the amount of potential earnings directly depends on the quality of the work performed.

It starts with an internal optimization of the resource: compiling a semantic kernel, searching for quality materials for filling and optimizing the structure of the site. Next, you need to do external optimization: registration in directories, advertising on resources of similar subjects and other things. Some methods of optimization are free, others cost money, decide what to use, to you.

Monetize your site

Finally we turn to the most interesting - monetization. The most common ways:

  • Trade references. Place links to other people's resources on your website and get money from the owners of these resources for this. Selling and buying links on special exchanges.
  • Place articles on your project - in this way you can kill two birds with one stone: fill your site with content and earn money.
  • Contextual advertising is the most usedmethod of monetizing websites. The level of earnings directly depends on attendance, because you will receive money for the transfer of users through advertising links.
  • Affiliate links are also a popular way. The essence of this is: you get a fee from the partner site for advertising on your resource, and in addition, also the interest from the transactions made with the users who have passed through the link.

Here is an example plan of action. Of course, each paragraph has a lot of nuances, but the direction in which you want to move is quite understandable.