Choosing an employer is not as easy as it sounds. First, the competitor should thoroughly study the reviews about a particular company. And only then decide whether to work in it. Today we have to understand what Don-Service is like (Rostov-on-Don). Employee feedback will help you to understand how this corporation is a good employer. What do subordinates think about their bosses? And in what other organizations can you work? For comparison, several companies similar to Don-Service will be listed. Only this way it will be possible to understand how truthful opinions are left about the employer mentioned. Believe everything that is written, clearly not worth it.


"Don Service" (Rostov-on-Don) reviews receivesvarious. This organization offers the population services for the production and sale of refrigerating chambers and related equipment. Used mainly by companies. Individuals rarely cooperate with the organization.

Don service Rostov on Don feedback

"Don-Service" is constantly looking for new employees forwork. But what do the subordinates think about their employer? What are the pros and cons? Should I find a job here? It is not so difficult to understand all this as it seems.

What the company promises

To understand how much the firm is conscientious, it is necessary to look at the promises of potential superiors, and then compare them with the real picture of what is happening. What does Don-Service promise?

To date, this company guarantees:

  • official employment;
  • full social package;
  • high pay;
  • flexible and convenient work schedule;
  • career development and professional development;
  • free education;
  • Friendly team.

What is the truth and what is not? What "Don-Service" (Rostov-on-Don) receives feedback from employees?

Official employment

Opinions of employees about the said organization are notso it is a lot. They contradict each other. "Don Service" (Rostov-on-Don), reviews of employees are not the best type gets for the fact that many employees emphasize the lack of official employment. There are opinions according to which the employment contract with subordinates is not concluded.

whale service Rostov on don reviews

The first month of work in this case is a testterm. Work has a lot, hard and painstaking. But it is difficult to achieve official employment in the company. In any case, in rank-and-file positions.

Positive feedback about "Don-Service" is simplestress that the employer "suits everything". There is no more specifics. There is also no evidence of negative opinions addressed to the employer.


"Don Service" (Rostov-on-Don) staff reviewsambiguous receives for earnings. Some people emphasize the fact that the organization is actually paid, and quite good money. You can work here and earn money.

Part of the feedback emphasizes that earnings in"Don-Service" is, but it is below the promised. You can say, in fact, a person will receive less than he was told at job placement. After the trial period, for which it is proposed to receive 15,000 rubles (including 22 working days), many refuse further cooperation. "Don Service" is not a place where you can earn good money.

south service of Rostov on don reviews

Other conditions

What else can you hear about this employer? Don-Service (Rostov-on-Don) receives positive reviews for the social package. Payments to employees are received, although not too large. But without delay and in full.

Working conditions of some subordinates are not encouraging. Unloading and loading operations have to be carried out independently by many, since there is a constant shortage of loaders in Don-Service. For workplaces are equipped not in the best way. The organization of the dining room and locker rooms leaves much to be desired.

Despite the fact that "Don Service" (Rostov-on-Don)reviews receive a negative plan, opinions are not confirmed. These are just words that express the attitude of some employees. To verify their reality will be possible only after direct employment.


Is it worth to be afraid of such ambiguity? In order to understand this, it is worthwhile to compare some reviews of employees about similar organizations in Rostov-on-Don. For example, you can start with "South-Service".

plast service of Rostov on don reviews

This company is engaged in the production of LED equipment. Earns "South-Service" (Rostov-on-Don) reviews are mixed. They, as in the case of Don-Service, are very few.

Opinions indicate that the high earnings and fullsocial package, then at low salaries. Most of the reviews look cool. They do not inspire confidence. Claims and praise to the organization is almost the same as for "Don-Service".


There is an organization in Rostov-on-Don called"Kit-Service". She is engaged in the repair of mobile and computer equipment. This company receives little from the employees of opinions. But the "Kit-Service" (Rostov-on-Don) reviews ambiguous earnings. Complaints are received on working conditions, low salaries, lack of career growth, as well as unfair authorities.

All these are standard complaints. Practically every employer has them. Find "Kit Service" because of these opinions can be in the black list of employers in Rostov-on-Don.


Also in the mentioned city there is a company"Plast-Service". It produces and installs plastic windows. "Plast-Service" (Rostov-on-Don) reviews received from employees are also not the best. This company can, like all the previously listed, find in the black list of employers.

Some staff note that working in thethe sales department is difficult. Complaints come to the management and salaries. Nothing unusual. "Plast-Service" is considered not the best employer because of negative, but in no way proven reviews.

Don service Rostov on Don staff feedback


What conclusions can be drawn? "Don Service" (Rostov-on-Don) reviews are mixed. The opinions of employees can be called stereotyped. Complaints that subordinates express are encountered by many employers.

"Don-Service" is in the black list of places foremployment in Rostov-on-Don. In fact, this is not the worst employer. He simply has shortcomings, which subordinates consider extremely important.