The car has long ceased to be a luxury. For many, the car is sometimes the only means of transportation. Especially in rural areas. But the purchase of a new car does not always have enough money, but how to choose a used car, then not to regret the acquisition, not many know.

how to choose a used car
Before buying a used car, you shouldask yourself a perfectly logical question: "Why does the owner sell it?" Auto exhibited for sale, as a rule, in three cases: the desire to buy a new model, a deplorable technical condition and an urgent need for money. In the first and last version, when buying a "dirty trick" may not show up, but if used cars are sold with the reservation that "a small repair is required", then one should think about how "small" would not cost more than the cost cars.

How to choose a used car

1. It should be determined with the brand and model of the future acquisition. In occasion of what kind of auto is better - domestic or imported - there are a lot of disputes. We will not dwell on this. Each category has its followers. Someone prefers only foreign cars, and someone from patriotic considerations rides only on Russian cars. In any case, the price range of the car will depend on its class.

 choose a car
If you want, you can choose an inexpensive European car, and domestic equipment for quite a decent amount.
2. Once you have identified with the brand and looked for the appropriate option at an acceptable cost, you should talk about what "pitfalls" you can stumble upon when buying. If your technical knowledge is limited only to not confusing the hood with the trunk, it is better to invite a friend of a car enthusiast who knows a lot about technology and helps you choose a car. At least an experienced motorist will be able to visually determine whether the car was in an accident, whether the body was repainted, and whether the reputation of the car was "wet". Unfortunately, stumbling on our car market for the so-called "drowned" can be quite often. Especially it concerns machines from Japan.
3. Now directly inspect the selected car. Theoretically, many people know how to choose a used car. However, we will dwell on what you need to take with you to inspect the car. First of all, you need a flashlight. It's useless to look under the car without it. A rotten bottom can only be seen with careful lighting. Secondly, you need a magnet. This simple adaptation will help to identify the puttyed parts of the body. The attraction of a magnet in such places will be weaker. If the machine found areas with a thick layer of putty, then the machine is "broken". You can easily knock down the price.

machine bu
What you should pay attention to the machine bu

The first thing - on the body. Its life depends on the life of the machine. All the rest of the "stuffing" can be changed, but if the body breaks down, it will be useless to repair the car. The next object of attention should be the salon. On its plating, as on a memory card, the entire past life of the car is imprinted. Divorces and streaks on the upholstery of seats, misted-up appliances, small spots of corrosion on metal elements will say that the car was in the water. Large gaps in the dashboard, creaking doors, meticulous drapery of the floor will indicate that the car is emergency.

Now you know how to choose a used car. The main thing in this business is not to hurry up, be attentive and not succumb to momentary impulses.