The carburetor VAZ-2109 is a device thatperforms the function of preparing the working mixture for its further penetration into the combustion chamber of the engine. In fact, this part doses the right amount of air, which must be mixed with gasoline, so that the finished substance is completely burned inside the ICE. And in order to get into the motor a normal mixture, not very poor and not enriched, there are special devices, such as an econostat, an economizer, a starting concentrating device and an accelerating pump. They are included in each dosage element on VAZ-2109 cars. The carburetor of the "nine" and its device are discussed in detail in this article.

carburetor VAZ 2109

Econostat and accelerator pump:

  • float chamber;
  • a nebulizer of the accelerating pump;
  • drive plate of the accelerator;
  • atomizer of the econostat;
  • the pump jet;
  • pressure and fuel valves;
  • the jet of the econostat;
  • throttle lever;
  • piston spring;
  • check valve;
  • accelerator pump drive shaft;
  • throttle valve;
  • the piston of the accelerating pump.


Without it, not a single carburetor VAZ-2109. This is the device that enriches the fuel mixture at full engine load. Most often this mechanism interacts with the main dosing system, thereby increasing the amount of incoming gasoline for the mixture formation. Additional fuel enters the nozzle of the nozzle through a valve with pneumatic or mechanical drive.


Has a similar function (as well as the first device) - enrichment of the mixture at the engine load. However, it differs from the economizer by its simpler construction.

VAZ 2109 carburetor

Principle of work of the econostat

When the engine is running in the diffusera rarefaction is formed, under the influence of which gasoline comes from the float chamber into the air stream. At the same time, it passes through the fuel jet of the econostat (these details are also installed in the carburetor at VAZ-2109). Getting into the air stream, the finished mixture dissipates. If the engine needs a more enriched mixture, more gasoline enters the cell. Thus, the econostat can regulate the flow and dosage of the fuel-air mixture for passage into the combustion chamber.

Why is the accelerator pump installed in the carburetor VAZ-2109?

If the first two devices served to enrichfuel-air mixture at full engine load, the pump operates when the throttle is opened. It can have a vacuum or mechanical drive. Accelerating pump consists of such parts as:

  • air damper;
  • safety valve;
  • throttle valve;
  • the valve spring.
    carburetor on VAZ 2109

And the last mechanism of the power supply system of gasolineThe engine, of which the carburetor VAZ-2109 consists, is the starting device. It serves for enrichment when starting a cold engine. By its design, it is an air damper, which is installed in the air branch pipe of the carburetor. This mechanism is controlled by means of a cable.