The on-board computer is a small electronica device that reads and processes all information from all the units and aggregates of the car, and then outputs all the results to a small liquid crystal display. He is also referred to as auxiliary devices and is often called an "intelligent assistant". And it's really true - this device is an indispensable assistant to every driver, especially on long trips.

on-board computer VAZ 2114
In this article, we'll find out whether it's worth installing an on-board computer on the VAZ 2114.


As for the basic functions, this device can show the driver a lot of useful information, among which you can note:

  • Minimum, maximum and average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers.
  • The level of the remainder of gasoline in the tank and the sound warning about its lack.
  • Indicators of speed, length of the passed route.
  • Information about the temperature of the air inside and outside.
  • And the most useful feature is a notification about the currentcondition and possible malfunctions of the engine, running suspension and so on. If a regular on-board computer VAZ 2114 detects any malfunction, it will immediately notify its owner of the existing problem.

on-board computer on the VAZ 2114


To date, there are severaldomestic manufacturers that manufacture electronic instruments for VAZ of the fourteenth model. Among them is the "State" and "Prestige" companies. It is worth noting that these firms produce the cheapest devices that have a limited number of functions. Therefore, if you want to know about all the processes that occur in the car and behind its board, purchase imported computers. Thanks to such devices, you can even find out the exact amount of fuel consumed when overtaking the vehicle in front. The condition and performance of all components is one of the basic functions of imported electronic devices. But at the same time, do not forget about the size of the design, as not every foreign model can fit the size of the VAZ 14-series. Also positive is the fact that the Volzhsky Automobile Plant in advance took care of the possible installation of such electronic assistants and designed a special plastic panel with ready-made terminals, into which the on-board computer VAZ 2114 is mounted. The installation of an electronic assistant can be compared with the installation of a radio tape recorder - the same fast and simple. It will be more difficult to familiarize the driver with the device, because due to the multitude of functions, not every car owner will be able to straightaway deal with all its subtleties.

full-time on-board computer VAZ 2114


As you can see, the on-board computer VAZ 2114 isa very useful device that at any time informs you about the breakdown of components, thereby preventing accidental consequences, and also helps you to understand the exact speed and fuel consumption. This is an indispensable assistant in any trip. And if you decide to purchase an on-board computer VAZ 2114, you are on the right track!