Knowingly for fun they say that the car is becomingsecond, and sometimes the first wife of every car enthusiast. For him a lot is done, and he, in turn, rewards his owner with uninterrupted work and readiness for travel. In order to better collect information about its iron horse, in addition to the main sensors, it is recommended to use an on-board computer. This device can always tell you what problems arise during the operation of the car, and also help to eliminate them. In addition, fuel consumption is recorded, and other important indicators are collected. All this can be carried out onboard computer Multitronics MPC-800. Let's consider its merits and demerits in order.

A bit about the on-board computer in general

The vehicle's on-board computer is aA device that allows real-time monitoring of all the main performance indicators of systems. For example, among the most popular are the engine speed counter (tachometer), the fuel flow meter, and the error code reader from the "brains" of the machine.

Important and the possibility of expanding the functionalbortcomputer. So, if you want, you can add it to parktronics, which he helps out well during parking in the winter season, with complicated visibility or at night. In addition, the on-board computer (VAZ, by the way, more than any other car needs such a device) is able to analyze the data received for a certain period of time and make conclusions on the stability of the engine and other systems based on this analysis. If serious deviations are detected, even if there is no error signal, he can warn about the need for a full diagnosis of a node.

Thanks to this multifunctionality, the onboardcomputers are recommended for installation in every car, regardless of age, cost and technical characteristics. They make life easier for the car enthusiast, combining all the necessary information, which otherwise would have to be collected by bit from several different devices.

multitronics mpc 800

The main advantage is the possibility of autonomous work

The central unit of the on-board computer canTo collect and analyze data independently, even though the main display device will be disabled. If such a device appears in the coverage area, it will immediately transmit the actual information and the history collected during the time of the connection failure.

As a control and display unitcan act any gadget, controlled by the operating system "Android" 2.1 and above and has the ability to connect to other devices using the Bluetooth protocol. For work there is a proprietary utility that allows you to display all information necessary during the movement or diagnostics on the screen, and also through the speaker. So, it can be parktronics readings or signaling of any node about an error. It is the on-board computer for Android that is most relevant in our time, since gadgets with this operating system on board are widely distributed and relatively cheap.

 multitronics board

What devices can I use to connect

As already mentioned above, to work with the on-boardcomputer can be used for all modern smartphones and tablets. However, in some cases, it becomes possible to use one more device, a full-time radio cassette recorder. The fact is that an increasing number of car manufacturers use the practice of installing in their brainchildren radio cassettes, which operate under the most popular mobile system. This allows them to expand their functionality, for example, as in our case, using its screen to display information received from the sensors. For comparison, for example, you can take another bortkompyuter - Multitronics VC731, the screen of which is installed separately and immediately takes up extra space on the panel.

In addition, this receiver can be installedseparately, even if your car from the factory was not completed. After all, using such a solution will be much more convenient than fixing the tablet on the suction cup to the windshield and watching the screen shaking from driving on our roads, which also obstructs the view in part. This option seems most reasonable when installing Multitronics. The on-board computer does not require an extra monitor and, as a result, unnecessary costs.

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Required functions that an on-board computer can perform

This device is designed to make life easier for the car enthusiast. Below is a list of some of the features that appear after the car computer is installed:

  • The possibility of connecting external sensors. Information from additional tracking devices can be displayed on the screen starting with the banal measurement of the current traveling speed and temperature outside the window, and ending with the oil temperature in a particular node.
  • Ability to automatically turn on the nearheadlights or daytime running lights. In order to avoid unnecessary penalties, it is possible to set the automatic switching on of light through the on-board on-board computer (VAZ is not an exception) at the beginning of the movement and shutting down after a while after stopping.
  • Possibility of connecting a parking radar. Do not underestimate such a simple, but important, thing like parking sensors. The onboard computer allows you to display the results of measurements of the distance of the sensors on the screen in the form of graphic information, which simplifies parking in tight urban areas.
  • Possibility of automatic switching between gas and gasoline in the presence of gas-cylinder equipment on the basis of traffic parameters set before the trip.
  • Reading error codes and decoding them in real time.
  • Logging of occurring events and the ability to view these records, as well as comparing them at similar intervals for the purpose of diagnosis.

These are just some of the positive aspectsMultitronics MPC-800, but they already say a lot in favor of the purchase and installation of the on-board computer. Let's look at a few more key features of this model.

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Perhaps, this moment is important for those whoworries that the purchased device will not be compatible with his car. It should be noted that at the moment a large number of auto mechanics respond positively to this particular model of the on-board computer, because it has an enviable versatility.

It was achieved thanks to the fact that partsensors, which may not be on this or that car, can be purchased and mounted separately. At the same time, a large number of varieties of these sensors are supported, in addition to another plus the Multitronics MPC-800. Their price is often low and much less than the cost of the computer itself.

The second point that increased the universalitygadget, has become a large database on the protocols of error transmission from the computer. As a result, you just need to specify when configuring the protocol that is used by your car. It is not difficult to find it, it should be specified in the vehicle specifications. The developers took care of this in advance and made more than 10,000 different error codes and their decoding in the memory of the on-board computer.

trip computer

Variety of displayed and processed parameters

To list them all simply does not make sense, because theirThe quantity depending on the car brand and its protocol can exceed 200 units. One can only say in general that among them there are such parameters that you might not even suspect when buying your car.

In this case, there is no need to display all theseparameters on the screen, and there is not enough space for this, especially with the Multitronics VC731. For driving enough key points, the others are processed by the system in automatic mode. But if you want, for example, during diagnostics, you can see them in the extended menu.

Such a variety helps the system maximizeaccurately monitor the condition of your vehicle. In addition, at the time of any error, a full log is created, which contains all the parameters. It can be used to more accurately diagnose the cause of the error and prevent a repetition of the situation in the future.

If the error occurs when you arefar away from the service center, you can contact the master by phone and forward the already collected report, carefully compiled by Multitronics MPC-800. Having become acquainted with him, he will be able to conclude whether it is possible to continue the movement on its own, or it can lead to unpredictable and sad consequences.

Regular software update

The manufacturer quite often releases an updatefor the control program, as well as for flashing the on-board computer. With each such update, which can be up to 10 per year, there are new, previously inaccessible functions, and the trip computer is improved on the eyes. Basically, the wishes of customers, who have already acquired and installed this gadget, are realized.

If you have a new generation car, andthe on-board computer does not work all the functionality, you can not worry - in the near future this problem will be eliminated, because at the moment, most likely, the development team is already preparing and releasing a new update.

on-board computer under android

Offline data collection

The onboard computer does not turn off on the careven after the car was parked, muffled and even closed, and continues to work together with the alarm, while consuming less energy than it. All this distinguishes it from self-made devices, which can only work if there is a stable connection to a parent gadget like a smartphone or tablet.

In addition to the continuity of data collection, a similar approachallows you to save the charge of your mobile device, because the load on the processor is minimal. The fact is that all calculations are performed directly in the main block of the on-board computer, and the portable gadget serves only as a monitor, on which you can display the information necessary for the user.

Voice guidance

No one will dispute the fact that the driverIt should concentrate as much as possible on the road and as little as possible be distracted by extraneous devices. That's why in due time in the navigators was introduced the function of sounding turns and other details of the route.

The program works through a similar principle, throughwhich connects Multitronics - on-board computer of a new generation. All critical information is not only displayed, but also spoken through the speaker. Such information includes information transmitted by the parking radar, decoding of error codes or signaling the overheating of any node.

Therefore, even if you did not have time to notice onscreen alert, or you simply do not have time to distract from the road due to bad weather conditions, really important information will still not be missed.

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Working with automatic transmissions

Despite the fact that cars with automatic transmission are not sowidely distributed, the manufacturer also provided this category of users. As a result, the on-board computer supports the following functions related to automatic transmissions:

  • The ability to display the temperature of the transmission fluid.
  • Voice and graphical warning of overheating or exceeding of the preset temperature by the transmission unit.
  • Reading, decoding, scoring and resetting the trouble code if necessary.
  • During travel, information on the current transmission is displayed.
  • Based on the journal data, the car computer issues a warning about the need to replace the transmission oil, after passing the specified number of kilometers.
  • After changing the oil, it is possible to reset the meter and designate a new kilometer for counting before warning.

Together, these parameters allow full monitoring of the state of the transmission and make timely decisions on its maintenance or repair.

Basic Operating Parameters

None of the devices can not do without parametersand the specifications provided by the manufacturer. On-board computer VAZ in this matter is no exception. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the specifications provided by the manufacturer to determine how suitable this gadget is for you:

  • The voltage range of the device is within the range of 9-16 V.
  • Consumed current during operation does not increase more than 0.12 A, while in standby mode it does not exceed 0.017 A.
  • The temperature at which the device can operate stably, ranging from -20 to +45 degrees.
  • The temperature at which the device can be transported is from -40 to +60 degrees.
  • To display indicators you need a device with Android 2.1 or higher installed, as well as the presence of a full Bluetooth module in it. The recommended display diagonal is at least 3.5 inches.

These are the main specifications provided by the manufacturer. With more detailed parameters, as well as requirements for sensors, can be found on the official website or at dealers.

Reviews about the device

In general, most users, previouslyspent on the purchase of this on-board computer, were satisfied with their purchase, and leave positive feedback about the Multitronics MPC-800. Among the advantages they note is high reliability and fault tolerance. Many detailed information received from the sensors and processed properly, helped to find and repair faults that previously had the character of "elusive".

Despite the fact that the minimum workingthe temperature is declared by the manufacturer within no lower than -20 degrees, an increasing number of drivers claim that even in severe winter conditions the device continues to work properly.

Among the minuses Multitronics MPC-800, reviewwhich you just read, users note a fairly high cost compared to self-made implementations. Such a device will cost the car owner an average of about 4500 rubles. But this minus is more than covered by much more functionality and stability of work. Another disadvantage is faced by those who use devices with a large diagonal for data indication. The fact is that on the tablets and tape recorders the image looks too large, and to reduce it and add additional parameters to the main screen that could fit there, at the moment it is impossible.

However, given that the developers are constantlyimprove the software, it is possible that in the near future there will be an opportunity to better sort the displayed information, and the appearance will become more flexible.


Onboard computer Multitronics MPC-800 isquite expensive, but still an ideal solution for those who want to get the most out of their iron horse, not just speed. It allows you to understand the problems on the road literally on the fly, assigns them characteristics and helps to cope with them, having spent a minimum of time.

By installing an on-board computer, you can follow theChange the parameters of the car and compare them with the previous values. All this will make from the vehicle an excellently working piece of art, to which every motorist will be envious.