Any motorist knows about the need forin the trunk of his car a number of accessories that will help in an unforeseen situation. After all, on the road, especially distant, anything can happen. One of these assistants will serve as an automobile pump. If suddenly the car has lowered the wheel, you do not have to use the services of an evacuator or an on-site technical service, it's enough to pump the bus yourself with this device.

car pump
There are manual, foot and electric pumps.

Manual car pump is aoblong metal cylinder with a hose, on the one hand, and with a handle-piston for air injection, on the other. Rarely, which motorist uses a hand pump - too much time and effort will be spent on swapping an automobile wheel.

car foot pump
Car foot pump is more convenient inuse. Due to its compactness, it does not take much space in the trunk. When using it, much less effort is expended compared to the voltage needed to pump the hand pump.

The foot pump consists ofa metal casing located on the landing pad, a hose connected to the casing, and a piston with a foot operated mechanism. Most modern pumps also have a manometer. This allows you to monitor the pressure in the inflated tire.

car electric pump
Currently, motorists rarely usemechanical devices. Most prefer to use a car electric pump. It is equipped with an electric motor, a compressor mechanism, a power connection cable, a hose, a connecting fitting and a manometer. Even the smallest device pumps the car tire to the required pressure for a short period of time and without the efforts made by man. Electric auto pumps are activated via the cigarette lighter socket in the car or from its own battery.

There are membrane and piston electric pumps. Membrane devices are not very popular among motorists. For pumping the wheel with their help takes more time, while not providing the desired pressure in the tires. They are completely unsuitable for use in the cold season: the rubber membrane hardens at minus temperature and makes operation of the device more difficult.

electric pump
Optimum option is considered a pistoncar pump. When choosing such a pump, it is desirable to pay attention to its performance. The higher this value, the less time is spent on swapping the wheel. An indicator of the magnitude of the greatest pressure is also important. The pressure in the tires of modern passenger cars is normal - from 1.8 to 3.0 bar. Of course, to control the pumping process, you need the most accurate manometer with a minimum error and a well-readable scale.

Thanks to the availability of a number of adapters, auto pumps can be used for pumping motorcycles, bicycles, inflatable boats, balls, mattresses.