Probably, every car owner wants hisIron friend was always beautiful and without any signs of damage - whether it's a dent or a scratch. But, as practice shows, sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur on the roads: someone suffers from illiteracy of teapot drivers, and someone - from drunk pedestrians or hooligans. In winter, there is a risk of damage to the car by icicles, which can fall off the roof at the most unexpected moment.

CASCO repair
Situations are different, but there is only one way out- registration of CASCO. Deciphering this concept means that in cases of an accident, it pays for the entire insurance company, and not for the car owner (of course, if the driver has taken care of the policy in advance, otherwise the payment may be rejected).

What is CASCO? Explanation

This abbreviation means a complete complexinsurance vehicle, which includes compensation and recovery of the car as a result of its damage. And you can insure almost any type of transport, even such as a moped. This type of insurance can protect you from any trouble on the roads.

CASCO decoding

CASCO interpretation and its advantages over OSAGO

So, let's consider what the driver receives when registering such an insurance policy. It:

  1. Protection against car theft, regardless of the circumstances (the exception is only an open car with the engine running and the ignition key inside).
  2. Compensation of cash in case of damage to the vehicle by unauthorized persons. At the same time, repair by CASCO is made by the company at its own expense.
  3. Protection of transport against the harmful effects of third parties, including in case of fire or theft of any part of the car (radio, wheels and so on).
  4. Restoration of the car for CASCO. Deciphering this concept implies free repair in case of damage to the paintwork of the body (but here you need to take into account the various tricks of the insurers, in the contracts of which this compensation may be excluded).
  5. And most importantly - compensation for damage to you andTo the injured persons in case of accidents on CASCO. The decipherment of this concept is that it does not matter who exactly is the culprit of the accident - the insurance company under the contract can compensate for all the damage caused to all cars that were involved in the accident. If you do not have such a policy, then to get compensation for your broken vehicle, you need to fight well with the court, hiring more than a dozen lawyers and specialists. Moreover, if you yourself are the culprit of the accident, you will not be compensated for anything - on the contrary, it is the culprit of an accident that is obliged to restore all damage to your car and, of course, to the injured car.

CASCO decoding


As you can see, CASCO is not only time saving, which you would spend on litigation, but also money, which, as is known, does not fall from the sky.

Many drivers have already seen the effectiveness of CASCO. Join and you!