A golf-class car has always been and remainsone of the leading in today's world. Such machines are produced by absolutely every European concern. Do not lag behind this trend and the Japanese. Koreans also keep their bar at an altitude, and even the American auto industry, famous for its pickups, is gradually developing new subcompacts. As a consequence, serious competition arises between the companies on the world market, therefore each of them annually renews and expands its line of golf-class cars. The German concern is the leading European market and the most popular model after the Volkswagen Golf is the 4-door Opel-Astra.

Opel astra owners review

Feedback from owners about appearance

Last year, German designersa car restyling regular, presenting the public a new, fourth in a row, the generation of machines. Moreover, the body of the "German" has also undergone changes and now, in addition to hatchbacks, two more versions of the Opel-Astra (available below) will be available for buyers, namely the aforementioned hatchback and family station wagon. Front of the novelty flaunts a powerful relief bumper with a huge air intake. Above the impact element between the updated lighting equipment from DXO is a chrome-plated "wing-like" grille. Side of significant changes did not happen, while the rear part "got" stylish aluminum moldings.

Opel Astra Photo
Their developers have placed on the rear bumper. In other respects, there is no noticeable change in the design of the Opel-Astra golf car. The recall of the owners says that the novelty is still as bright and presentable (it definitely refreshed and rejuvenated, where else without it). And what about the car under the hood?

Technical characteristics of the car "Opel-Astra"

The recall of the owners notes the convenience of havinga wide variety of engines for the Russian market. In total, now you can buy one of the four proposed by the manufacturer of power plants. The first unit with its working volume develops a power of 101 horsepower. It is the base for the 4th generation of the Opel-Astra. The recall of the owners claims that the most suitable option for Russian conditions is the older 1.4-liter engine with a capacity of 140 horsepower. It is ideal for all conditions of use. In addition, there is a turbocharged power plant with a capacity of 1.6 liters capacity of 115 "horses". The most top and at the same time the most irrelevant is a motor with a similar volume (1.6 liters) and a capacity of 180 "horses".

Opel Astra 2013 price

Opel-Astra -2013: price

Initial cost for a new lineup"Astra" is 649 thousand rubles. For this price, Russian motorists can only buy a hatchback in the basic configuration. The sedan costs about 675 thousand rubles. The wagon is considered the most expensive, since even the most "fresh" package is worth at least 724 thousand rubles. The most equipped versions, or as they say in the common people "full mincemeat", will cost almost 1 million rubles.