The car is no longer a luxury, but a meansmovement. Today it is simply necessary. But before you get behind the wheel, you need to get a special permit for this, as the people say - "rights." And for this you need to pass the exam at the traffic police: the city, the circuit and the theory.

how to rent a city in gai
The theoretical part, as a rule, does not cause problems. It's enough just to learn all the tickets and then pass the test without errors. The rules are simple and easy to remember.

Usually, the question arises: "how to pass the driving inGAI. "Some of the problems begin with the autodrome, but the main thing is not to worry and do the exercises correctly, there can not be any surprises here, because the ground does not change, there are no pedestrians and traffic lights.

But the main problem faced bypractically all students, how to rent a city in the traffic police. Yes, and the first time. At first glance it seems that this is unrealistic. Do not worry, everything is possible. And, if you know some subtleties, rules and tricks, you will pass without problems!

How to hand over a city to the traffic police

Special wishes! Do not take any sedatives before the exam. First, you do not know how they can affect you. Secondly, such pills slow down the reaction and thought processes, and in the exam it is necessary to react quickly in any situation. So it's better to be nervous than "miss"!

  1. During the exam, nothing should be distracting or disturbing. In advance, make sure that your clothes and shoes do not create problems for you.
  2. take an exam in gai city
    How to surrender the city to the traffic police? To learn traffic rules. It's the rules themselves, not the answers to the questions. Believe me, this will help you with the surrender.
  3. Do not be afraid, go first. As a rule, in the beginning, the person who is still in good spirits, closes his eyes to minor violations, and many hand over them. And towards the end he realizes that they have given up a lot of money, and people "stop taking".
  4. Do not take anything too superfluous to accidentallydo not leave then in the car. After all, when you surrender, you will be landed on the road and will leave on. So, if you do not want to get into an unpleasant situation, all the essentials should be with you.

What to do when you are driving?

  1. Adjust the seat so that you feel comfortable. You should easily reach all the pedals.
  2. Buckle up.
  3. Remove the machine from the handbrake.
  4. Now it's time to start moving. Do not forget to turn the left turn. Be sure to look in the left mirror. If there is no interference, then we go, if there is, we skip. As soon as the movement began, turn off the turn.
  5. Motion. Quietly go, look in the mirror, on the signs and markings, observe the traffic rules and listen to the commands of the host.

How to surrender the city to the traffic police the first time? Show the inspector what you know and, most importantly, do not be afraid to ride. Switch gears. If possible, reach the fourth. If you hit the cork or stopped on a slope, start moving from the handbrake. This will add to your advantages.

The main points that prevent you from surrendering

how to pass driving in gai
There are some common errors:

  • over speed;
  • violation of the rules of reversal;
  • intersection of a continuous line of road marking;
  • did not miss a pedestrian;
  • They did not give way to other vehicles.


The last, final stage is a stop. Be careful and choose the right place to stop (follow the markings and signs). We reduce the speed, turn on the right turn, stop, then turn off the turn, raise the handle and unfasten the seat belt. When the inspector says that you have passed, sign in the document, rejoice and run to celebrate!