Drivers who have a long driving experience, quitecan do without any electronic helpers in the form of navigators, on-board computers and so on. However, these devices will greatly facilitate the life of drivers, giving them more useful information about the car. Well and for beginners the onboard computer is, in general, an irreplaceable thing.

onboard computer VAZ 2115
To date, such electronics are usedon many cars of foreign and domestic production, and the VAZ of the fifteenth model is no exception. As you already understood, in this article we will talk about on-board computers.

Which to choose?

Now in many stores you can find a bunchdifferent electronics, each of which has this or that set of functions. Here, there are no restrictions on the choice - the functionality of the device is determined by the motorist himself, that is, the future user. However, a modern on-board computer VAZ 2115 should have at least the following set of functions:

  • Voltage in the battery.
  • The level of the remaining fuel in the tank.
  • Temperature of antifreeze / antifreeze.
  • Current date, time.
  • Air temperature in the cabin and on the street.

But on this function of this device is notend. You can find an on-board computer VAZ 2115 with an integrated option for measuring the oil level in the engine, as well as devices that provide information on the condition and wear of the candles. There are also options that give information on the average and maximum fuel consumption per kilometer. When choosing a device, be sure to test it right in the store (this will protect you from buying counterfeit and forgery).

on-board computer on VAZ 2115

Where to install the on-board computer on VAZ 2115?

It is worth noting a useful thing - in the salon of thiscar you do not need to drill and measure the free space under the on-board computer, as the manufacturer took care of this in advance and left a special panel, or rather a plastic cap, where you can easily install our electronic assistant. Another feature is that you do not need to pull and connect wires to the control unit - they are all already connected and installed on the conveyor. Thanks to these two features, installing the computer in the interior will not take more than five minutes.

VAZ 2115 - on-board computer and its installation

So, first you need to disconnect the minus oneterminal from the battery. Next, remove the plastic plug and proceed to the connection. After removing the plug you will see a plug and a wiring harness. These two parts need to be connected to the computer itself. On the question of which slot to connect the onboard computer VAZ 2115, there is no definite answer, since different models (and there are a lot of them) have different connection points.

VAZ 2115 on-board computer
Therefore in this case it is bestuse the instructions that must be attached with the goods. After the wires are connected to the socket, make sure the quality of the connection - the plug should not be disconnected when touching. Everything, the on-board computer VAZ 2115 is installed. You can safely embark on its use.