The engine oil pump is a device,Used to inject oil into the operating mechanism, which is under pressure to the surfaces of the moving parts. It is designed to raise the pressure in the internal system, and is also used to provide lubrication of working parts.

Oil pump

The oil pump AKPP simultaneously fulfills one of the necessary and most important functions is the transfer of oil into a special tank from the crankcase capacity.

Lubrication system in an internal combustion engineplays a significant role and is used to reduce wear, for corrosion protection and cooling of rubbing parts, removing unnecessary objects of wear from surfaces.

An electric oil pump of the engine is a mechanism that performs work from a distributing or crankshaft, with the obligatory implementation of the correct operation of the drive shaft.

Primarily the oil pump is divided into twotype, depending on the model of the engine on which it is installed, that is, seemingly adjustable or unregulated. They differ among themselves mainly in that uncontrolled pumps create and maintain a continuous pressure of the lubricant in the system by means of a reduction channel, and thanks to the regulation of the pump's capacity, uninterrupted pressure in the regulated pumps is maintained at a constant level.

oil pump acp

Currently, the most common formThe oil pump is a gear oil pump. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it is suitable for repair, it is uninterrupted and reliable, and when it is replaced, no significant monetary investments are required. Such an oil pump consists of two extremely important elements - two gears, driven and driving, which are located inside the shell. The pump moves the oil through the supply channel, is injected into the system directly through the pumping duct. The total productivity of the gear pump depends directly on the correct operation of the crankshaft.

Electric oil pump

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact thatin the process of increasing the supply oil pressure of the required volume, the relief valves in the channel are activated which connect the suction and pump suction cavities that transmit a certain quantity of oil to the absorbing cavity.

At the same time, the pressure restrained by the reductionvalve, directly depends on the compression force of the spring. As the maximum permissible pressure increases, the valve ball comes out, and some oil begins to be pumped into the suction cavity, thus reducing the pressure in the line. When working gears should take into account the distance between the walls of the pump casing and the ends of the teeth of the gears, since, located in the oil pump, they spin in different directions. The pressure created by the oil and passing through the pump depends on the resistance of the main line, the viscosity of the oil, the angular velocity, and the total speed of the gears.