winter tires in Finland

Finland is not only a country of good roads,but also a manufacturer of quality winter tires. Every car enthusiast has heard at least once about her famous tire "Nokian", which exceeds all standard requirements. Are winter tires in Finland really that good? In today's article we will provide a complete overview of the Finnish novelty - Nokian Hakkapeliitta, as well as other tires of this brand.

What are its features?

Winter tires in Finland - it's not just a piecerubber, which is installed on the car and after 2-3 years is thrown to the garbage. Finnish engineers in the development of each new model pay as much attention to the composition of their products and the placement of protectors. Thanks to the latest technical developments, all winter tires in Finland in 2013 have a well thought-out design of studs, and their upper layer consists of many mixtures, which allows to obtain the most effective braking under all weather conditions. Recently as a result of conducted test drives, the leading positions were occupied by the tires of the eighth generation of the Hakkapeliitta series. And how does "Nokian" behave in practice?

Tests on loose and rolled snow

At a temperature of minus 5-10 degrees Celsius,falling on the road, it becomes very dangerous for cars with bad tires. "Nokian" is a winter tire (manufactured in Finland), which is not afraid of even a 40-degree frost. At least that's what the manufacturer points out. Well, we turn to the test drive. Acceleration to 60 kilometers per hour was quite confident, without wagons. On the road, the car is quite manoeuvrable, but when you hit a loose snow, the studded wheels still slip. Tires "Velcro" (those that do not have thorns) are more maneuverable under these conditions.

winter tires in Finland 2013

Driving on ice

Ice is the worst thing that can happen on awinter road. Cars with bald rubber simply can not be controlled on such a surface and fly by inertia in any direction. Therefore, winter tires in Finland and Russia are simply necessary. As for our "Nokian", the spikes show confident acceleration and braking. Wheels so cut into the ice that after a sharp decrease in speed on its surface are visible traces. This is a worthy indicator for winter tires. Spikes, thus catching the ice, make the car as much as possible subject to the driver. And this is positively displayed on the safety of the machine.

winter tires manufacture Finland

Test on asphalt

This, perhaps, is the most ruthless test withstudded rubber. Many world manufacturers still can not make such winter tires, which would not be afraid of cleared asphalt. The Finnish tires show us a confident course and relatively high maneuverability. Although even the vast experience of engineers does not allow to make "Nokian" as invulnerable on asphalt. Such tires also lose thorns (although much less often than others) and make noise on the road.

Proceeding from this, we can say that winter tires in Finland - this is the benchmark of today's tire market. Knowingly they are called the most qualitative and highly effective.