When you really want to escape from the stuffy summercity ​​to the sea, the surest way to do it as quickly as possible becomes your car. If, of course, you properly checked it on the road, and now you only determine how to place luggage and, of course, passengers, especially if these are small children for whom car seats are needed. Believe me, you still have something to do!

To begin, forget about the car and decide on thechoice of a place of rest. If you have children, then do not even choose: only in Anapa - an unsurpassed children's resort with an abundance of quiet places for recreation, close to the sea, the presence of a lot of entertainment for children of all ages. Well, you do not have to worry that you can experience the drive in the pile of people. Well, if you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, you can drive through the center of Anapa and stop somewhere in the village of Blagoveshchensk, or even, having moved closer to the water along Pioneer Avenue, to camp in Djemet or the more remote Vitiazevo.

Now back to the car. Try to load all the cargo in the trunk: quiet hours for children should be carried out in the back seat, without burdening them with the neighborhood of trunks. Preparing the car for a long trip, it is vital to replace the oil, oil and air filters, spark plugs, pump the wheels before the departure.

It is useful to sink the front windows, so thatit was too painful to go to 50 degrees under the sun, to replace the rugs from rubber to carpets - they absorb the dust better and are easier to shake out. Get rid of all excess items stored in the cabin during the operation. Finally, do not forget the tools, at least a liter of engine oil, a line for the Busker.

So all the things were collected?

No matter how you adjust the route along the waytrips, preferring the federal highway M4 or the station roads, you can not do without a car map. You can do without a DVR, but it's better to stock them for a case that can neither be foreseen nor excluded. Traffic to the south is extremely intense, even on a 4-strip, many ubiquitous waggons, and you must be guaranteed in case of a road accident from possible charges against you in the event of a road accident. Accessories modern DVRs Ensure the image quality is not worse than DODF900lhd, their internal memory - at least 228 MB. When recording, you can include the function "state number", developed specifically for our country. While watching the video, you can enlarge the selected part of the frame, which is especially important when communicating with the road inspector and in the court for which the DVR recording is proof.

Installed in the carDVR, you will be ready completely. Let everything that was taken with them, brought joy in a good way! And the records of the new device will remind you of this path with its beauties, because the registrar can be used not only as a way to prove his innocence, but also with other, more pleasant goals. It remains only to choose a reliable assistant and go on the road.