Changing the oil in the engine is a very important operation, which is carried out at the service center, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the engine. It is carried out every 8-15 thousand km.

change engine oil

That the car served regularly and for a long time,you need to monitor how much oil is in the engine. It lubricates, reduces corrosion, cleans and cools the engine parts subjected to the greatest loads. Its quality depends on the service life, power and reliability of the main machine assembly.

Motor oil in its composition has differentadditives that help the filter to collect all the dirt so that it does not get back into the engine. During operation it is contaminated with metal shavings, dust, condensate, as a result of which the additives do not cope with their function.

Producers recommend to monitor how muchoil in the engine. The period of replacement depends on the mileage of the car. It is measured in thousands of kilometers. Experts recommend to replace the oil depending on the fuel consumption, because the more its consumption, the greater the load the engine receives.

how much oil is in the engine

To check how much oil is in the engine, it is necessary to take out the dipstick and wipe it with a napkin. Then insert it into place, lowering it to the stop, and pull it back. The oil level in the engine will appear on the dipstick, it should be between the "MAX" and "MIN" marks, ideally - closer to "MAX". The left traces on the napkin speak about the degree of contamination of the liquid.

Replacement of oil in the engine of the car should be carried out exactly according to the terms recommended by the manufacturer, but not less than once a year. But there are factors that significantly reduce this period:

- cold season;

- operation in a particularly dirty environment;

- the state of the engine and the total life of the car;

- cold engine;

- driving for short distances;

- congestion on the roads, in which there is a greater warming of the engine;

- Riding on rough terrain;

- Riding with a trailer.

how many liters of oil in the engine

The lubrication system is also affected by the quality of the fuel. When driving, it does not always burn completely in the cylinder and gets into the oil. In this case, it is necessary to change the oil in the engine. Together with its replacement it is recommended to change the oil filter. Its purpose is that it removes from the engine oil small particles that are formed as a result of the rubbing surfaces of the engine, as well as the result of the ingress of fuel into the oil of combustion products.

Many car enthusiasts are interested in the question,how many liters of oil in the engine. The amount of necessary replacement fluid depends on this. Its average volume in the engine is 3.5 liters. How much oil in the engine of your car, you can learn from the technical passport.

In any auto center without any problems will make a replacementold oil on a new one. The cost of this service depends on some factors: the price of the liquid itself, the need for engine washing, the work of a specialist. The main thing is to remember the following: every time during the oil change process, there is no need to rinse the engine, since most of the means intended for this contain acetone, which adversely affects important details.