More recently, almost all machines inRussia was produced with a manual transmission. And movement on such cars did not cause difficulties. Accelerated development of technical progress has led to the fact that young drivers, having studied in a driving school on a car with an automatic box, do not know how to get either mechanized or how to brake with a box.

To understand how a particular node works inmachine, you need to know his device. No one forces the driver to go to the Road Institute and five years to study the cars in detail. But the basic knowledge of its internal design should be owned by every car owner. So, let's start in order.

how to get involved in mechanics
All about mechanics

The mechanical box is hollowa body inside which shafts and gears are installed in a certain order. In its cavity flooded gear oil. When the lever is built in the neutral position, the gears on the drive shaft of the box are not meshed with the gears on the secondary shafts and rotate freely.

The transmission is separated from the engine by the clutch. The task of this unit is to detach the primary shaft of the box from the rotating crankshaft at the time the speed is switched on. At this time, one of the cogwheels on the primary shaft engages the gear on the secondary shaft, and the machine starts moving.

Now we will try to consider in detail how to get involved in mechanics and how to brake with a box.

all about mechanics
Yes, a mechanical box can not onlyaccelerate the machine, but also to brake it. And, in the opinion of experienced drivers, braking with a box is one of the most effective ways to slow down traffic in conditions of ice and snow rolling.

Learning to touch the mechanics

Theoretically, everything is simple. Everyone knows that you need to start the engine, squeeze the clutch, turn on the speed and squeeze the clutch. The car should begin to move, and the driver remains to put pressure on the gas. In practice, it looks much more complicated. The machine for some reason starts to twitch in convulsions, and even completely stalls. Smooth move does not work.

learn to touch on the mechanics
Now, step by step, we will analyze the process of how to get involved in mechanics.
1. Before starting the engine, you need to make sure that the shift lever is in the "neutral" position and the machine is put on a handbrake.
2. Start the engine.
3. Press the clutch pedal and turn on the first gear.
4. Without releasing the pedals, we remove the car from the handbrake.
5. The most important stage. Gently and smoothly release the clutch. At this point, the driver must feel the car and catch the setting time. Do not forget to remove the foot from the brake pedal.
6. As soon as the moment of grasp is caught, and this can be understood by the characteristic thrust of the machine, we quickly transfer the leg to the gas and begin to smoothly add revs. The accelerator pedal should be pressed gradually. A sharp depression will result in the machine jerking and stalling or jerking from the place with a slip.
7. As soon as the car starts to move, the clutch pedal is completely released, and the gas can be added. This is at the discretion of the driver.

Now a little about how to get started on the mechanic,if the machine is injector. In this case, the process of starting traffic will be much easier, since the car will go immediately after releasing the clutch pedal. On injection machines it is not required to maintain the required engine speed with the gas pedal.