If you want to professionally wash your carnot turning to professionals you need to have a high-quality water supply with a good head, an electric network at 220 volts, drainage and, of course, a mini-sink. Fortunately, today's range of such products is large enough, and as a manufacturer, many choose the "Kercher" sink for washing the car. Today we will pay attention to this German manufacturer and find out all the criteria for choosing the necessary device.

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Why "Kercher" for washing the car?

Reviews of motorists claim that thisthe company is one of the best manufacturers of mini washes. This company was created in 1935 by A.Kerher, after which, in 1950, the company first invented and patented a new device for supplying high-temperature water under high pressure. Since then, there has been no limit to the popularity of such devices. You can buy a car wash for the car produced by "Kercher" not only in Germany, but also in the USA, Japan and Russia. All over the world, this company is highly respected and in demand. And all because "Kercher" is not only German quality, but also a two-year guarantee for trouble-free operation. By the way, each mini-wash has a nozzle for foam cleaning, a hose and a high-pressure device, all kinds of extensions and a gun.

How to choose "your" "Kercher" for washing the car? Feedback and recommendations

At the moment the manufacturer makes 3type car washes. The first of these is the entry-level devices. They are of low cost, compact size and light weight. Typically, these tools are used for short-term use.

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The main purpose of such washers is cleaning of contaminants in small quantities. And if you have a small subcompact of the type "Daewoo Matiz" at home, such a device will definitely suit you.

The average (that is, the second in the account) class isthe most popular and most used among European and Russian motorists. The K5 series is an ideal option for owners of all cars and minibuses. Also, such units are suitable for large families with one or two cars. By the way, for "Matiz" such washes will also be effective. The difference is only in the time of work and cost.

And the last class is high. It is the most productive, the most powerful and, therefore, the most expensive among all tools "Kercher "for washing the car. Experts say that such tools are ideal for professional centers, which are engaged in washing cars in large quantities. It is not advisable to use such devices for passenger cars, since a pressure of 160 bar at least a quarter will not be used for the intended purpose. If you install such a device at full capacity, you can simply damage the paint coating of the car. But for tractors and trucks such devices are just right.

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As you can see, the ideal mini-sink by right can be considered "Kercher" (for washing the car). Feedback is confirmation of this.