What should I do if the oil pressure lamp is on? Many asked this question. It can be assumed that any driver at least once lit up the oil pressure lamp on the dashboard. As a rule, it burns at idle, or after starting the engine. If you find this, you can be sure one hundred percent that something is malfunctioning in the car. And if the light bulb you have never caught fire, then consider that you are so lucky not to face the subsequent problems that this signal signals.

So, what can foretell burning upthe red light on the oil pressure gauge? There are many reasons for this. The main rule, if the oil pressure lamp is on, then be sure to stop and think what kind of malfunction has befallen your car, tk. further movement may lead to even more disastrous results. It is best to call a tow truck or friends who will tow you to the garage or the nearest car service. And already in a quiet environment to identify a malfunction. Finding a breakdown in a car is more difficult than removing it later.

The most common reason is thatthe oil pressure lamp lights up - this is the low level of the oil in the pan. In order to avoid this, you need to periodically conduct your own inspection. Do not be lazy, remove the dipstick and look at the oil level in your engine. It does not take much time, but you will be calm in movement. Maybe, of course, the engine leaks, so always look closely at your parking spots, there will be oil marks, informing you that something is dripping from the engine. Having discovered this, take appropriate measures. In the car, as a matter of fact, the oil level gradually decreases due to the constant work of the engine and the movement of the vehicle. Some engines even before the light bulb, let you know that the oil is already running out. Most often, they periodically start to stall. In such situations, you can stand for a couple of minutes to oil the glass in the pan, and start again. But be aware that in a short time the engine will again stall. Therefore, from replacement to changing the oil you need at least once to pour it.

If the oil is not leaking anywhere, and in the enginea positive oil level, then perhaps the oil pressure sensor itself or its wiring does not work for you. It is after the sensor is triggered that the indicator lamp that warns us of a malfunction is illuminated. When there is a shortage of oil, the sensor closes the light bulb, and when the pressure rises to a certain level, it opens it. If the sensor is defective, the indicator light will stay lit.

The next reason that the light is onpressure of the oil, is the failure of the pressure relief valve. If the system has low oil pressure, then the valve should be closed, if it is, of course, normal. If the valve hangs or jams, then this factor also indicates that there is no pressure in the engine. For these reasons, and a light is on.

In the causes of oil pressure can be to blameoil filter. After stopping the engine, the oil must remain in the filter to simplify its next start-up. If it from it, probably, flows down in the pallet, then, most likely, it is not original. It is desirable to replace oil filters simultaneously with oil.

If all these nuances are checked, andThe oil pressure lamp is still on, then maybe all the reasons in the oil pump. First check the mesh, which is responsible for protecting the engine from the penetration of large particles with oil. If you somehow poured a poor-quality product into the engine, then, of course, this grid very quickly clogs, which leads to a decrease in pressure in the engine, and, accordingly, the oil pressure lamp lights up.